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About Us


Who We Are

The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada non-profit actively engaged with both social and investment crowdfunding stakeholders across the country.  NCFA Canada provides education, research, leadership, support and networking opportunities to over 1000+ members and works closely with industry, government, academia, community and eco-system partners and affiliates to create a strong and vibrant crowdfunding industry in Canada.

Membership is comprised of a network of entrepreneurs, investors and the emerging 'crowd economy' participants such as crowdfunding platforms, consultants, marketing and media specialists, angel and VC investors, lawyers, accountants, and social enterprise groups interested in crowdfunding markets in Canada and beyond.  The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada is a networking and solutions-based organization that provides education, research, advocacy, support and leadership to Canadian crowdfunding communities.  While membership has a Canadian focus, the NCFA Canada remains open and inclusive to International members.

Internationally, NCFA Canada plugs into global communities to facilitate a shared-resources network and forum enabling crowdfunding leaders from around the world to ‘think globally and act locally” through best practices, standards, and education.

Board of Directors
Sponsors and Supporters
Crowdfunding Ambassadors
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What We Do

Create a world-renowned non-profit association that fosters a dynamic, vibrant and inclusive crowdfunding industry in Canada and beyond.

The NCFA Canada works to reach this destination by:

  • Researching, consulting, partnering and advocating for sensible solutions to key issues that impact the crowdfunding industry
  • Educating businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, the public, media and regulatory bodies regarding crowdfunding trends, initiatives, regulations, and emerging best practices
  • Developing strategic program initiatives that impact members and their daily interactions with the crowdfunding industry
  • Establishing a relevant and strong membership network that contributes to NCFA Canada policy and provides networking opportunities with crowdfunding professionals in the industry
  • Assisting members and the public in identifying and reporting fraud in the crowdfunding industry
  • Advocate the growth of a collaborative and dynamic crowdfunding industry in Canada.

Our Values and Operating Principles

  • Develop and support a vibrant and dynamic crowdfunding industry that balances efficient capital formation and investor protection
  • Ensure membership is inclusive at all times (as opposed to exclusive)
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility and accountability to our members
  • Maintain an enthusiastic partnership between the  staff and the volunteer network
  • Consult with our Board of Directors, and other governing bodies regularly
  • Increase membership and strengthen our resource base and networks
  • Ensure effective and timely communication with members
  • Think globally and act locally

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The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada crowdfunding hub providing education, advocacy and networking opportunities in the rapidly evolving crowdfunding industry.  NCFA Canada is a community-based, membership-driven entity that was formed at the grass roots level to fill a national need in the market place.   Join our growing network of industry stakeholders, fundraisers and investors.  Increase your organization's profile and gain access to a dynamic group of industry front runners.  Learn more eBrochure | Prezi or contact us at casano@ncfacanada.org.

Craig Asano
Executive Director
(416) 618-0254


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