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Below is a collection of recommended books by NCFA Canada about crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, innovation, investing and small businesses. Please help build a list of great content by recommending top publications for inclusion (

Money Magnet
by Jacoline Loewen
Learn from VC and private equity experts - where to find them, what they want, and how to get them to invest in you.
Crowdfund it!
by Anna Maguire
Absorb Anna's passion for crowdfunding and get acquainted with top notch crowdfunding platforms at the same time.
The Crowdfunding Revolution
by Kevin Lawton & Dan Marom
Mandatory reading if you're active in the industry or planning to be.
by Amy Cortese
Meet impact investing pioneers and explore socially productive financial alternatives.

Storytelling for Startups
by Mark Evans
How Fast-Growing Companies Can Embrace the Power of Story-Driven Marketing.


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