Canada has over 70 crowdfunding portals across the country. (Source: NCFA Canada, Jan-2014)


Participate in conferences, network at events and learn the latest Crowdfunding strategies and best practices for your business and your investment.


The Global crowdfunding market grew 81% in 2012 to a total funding volume of $2.7 billion with over 1.1 million successful campaigns receiving funding.

Canadian Crowdfunding Directory


Last Revised: Sep 9, 2014
This is an ever evolving and growing directory of active (or beta) Canadian Crowdfunding platforms, funding portals and service providers.  Please contact us  with additions, deletions and edits at and we’ll do our best to make updates periodically.

CFP Sep-9-2014

PortalAcapandaCrowdfunding for Research and Peer ReviewONSite
PortalAlberta BoosterCrowdfunding for local businessesABSite
PortalArt Market CanadaCreative and Artistic ProjectsONSite
PortalAshokaInnovative Social EntrepreneursONSite
PortalBoldmineClosed betaONSite
PortalBoumchicaboumMusic and CinemaQCSite
Service ProviderCanadian Media FundCanadian Crowdfunding ResourcesONSite
Service ProviderCan Leaf MartCrowdfunding ServicesONSite
PortalChimpCanadian CharitiesBCSite
PortalClimb for ChangeCharity climbs, treks, hikes and adventuresBCSite
PortalCookiee JarGeneral Purpose Awareness and FundraiserONSite
Service ProviderCreekstone ConsultingBusiness Planning and Value CreationBCSite
Service ProviderCrowdClanEducation and InformationONSite
Service ProviderCrowdfund BeatCrowdfunding news and info (Canadian edition)ONSite
PortalCrowdfundfusionCrowdfunding aggregatorMBSite
PortalCrowdfunding.caGeneral Crowdfunding (WIP)SKSite
Service ProviderCrowdfundingADRDispute Resolution Services (North America - office in LA)ONSite
Service ProviderCrowdfunding DojoDirect marketing techniques for reward based campaignsONSite
Service ProviderCrowdfund Office.comInvestor Services, Accounting and ComplianceONSite
Service ProviderCrowdfund SuiteCrowdfunding, Crowdlending & Crowdinvesting solutionsBCSite
PortalCrowdhelpsCrowdfunding campaigns to help womenONSite
Service ProviderCrowdinvesting NewsCrowdfunding NewsBCSite
Service ProviderCrowdLinkerMake the right connections fastONSite
Service ProviderCrowdMappedCrowdfunding DirectoryBCSite
PortalCSI CatalystSocial Innovation ProjectsONSite
PortalCuban HatFilms and documentariesQCSite
PortalDocIgniteDocumentary FilmsONSite
PortalDream BankGifts, dreams and social philanthropyBCSite
PortalEcloidGeneral purpose (FR only)QCSite
PortalEquals6Student ScholarshipsNSSite
PortalFan.siSubscription-based crowdfunding for musicians and fansONSite
PortalFANPUSHMusic & EntertainmentBCSite
PortalFlipgiveCrowdfunding for non-profits through product sales & donationsONSite
PortalFonpopGeneral purposeQCSite
PortalFuelLocal.comCrowdfunding for local communitiesONSite
PortalFundchangeCharitable organizations and social change projectsONSite
PortalFundHamOntCrowdfunding for Hamilton projectsONSite
Service ProviderFundicaCrowdsourced access to grants, tax credits, loans and equity fundingQCSite
PortalFundoGeneral PurposeQCSite
PortalFundRazrGeneral PurposeBCSite
PortalFundUniStudents and EducationNLSite
PortalFundweaverGeneral Purpose, focused on Inuit, Metis and First Nations projectsBCSite
PortalFutureFunder.caCarleton UniversityONSite
PortalFWYCToronto Fringe - Creative Opportunities for Artists and SupportersONSite
PortalGiveffectCrowdfunding for CharitiesONSite
PortalGreedyGiverIncentivized CrowdfundingONSite
Equity PortalGroupLendP2P Borrowing and Lending Site (WIP)BCSite
PortalHaricotGeneral purposeQCSite
PortalHealthy CrowdfunderHealth and Wellness, High Tech Health VenturesBCSite
PortalHelp Fund meGeneral purposeBCSite
PortalHyperfunderDonation and Rewards-based CrowdfundingBCSite
PortalIdeaciousGeneral PurposeONSite
Service ProviderIdeavibesGeneral purposeONSite
Service ProviderIgnitionDeckWordpress Crowdfunding PluginABSite
Service ProviderIntegral TransferShare Transfer AgencyONSite
PortalInvest Local BCCommunity Futures Stuart NechakoBCSite
PortalInvestYYCArt, Media and Cultural projects from CalgaryABSite
PortalIOU MusicCrowdfunding for musicians and fansNSSite
PortaliVooteSports Teams and AthletesONSite
Service ProviderKatipultWhite Label Crowdfunding SoftwareABSite
PortalKivendiWork in progressNBSite
PortalKreativ ThotzGeneral PurposeONSite
PortalLa RucheProjects impacting Quebec City and surrounding areasQCSite
PortalLaunchopolisFull service crowd ventureONSite
PortalLeg UpGeneral PurposeABSite
Equity PortalLending LoopOnline Lending MarketplaceONSite
PortalLendpoolCrowdfunding for projectsONSite
PortalLove GlobalCrowdfunding for missionariesBCSite
PortalLuevoCrowdfunding FashionONSite
PortalMake a ChampAthletes and Sporting OrganizationsQCSite
Equity PortalMetroFunderCrowdfunding Real EstateBCSite
PortalMotherlandFundGeneral PurposeONSite
PortalMy Class NeedsCanadian Classrooms K-12ONSite
Equity PortalOpen AvenueReal Estate CrowdfundingONSite
PortalOpportunity International CanadaFunding individuals, groups and businesses that work to end povertyONSite
Equity PortalOptimize Capital MarketsPrivate placement for Accredited Investors and InstitutionsONSite
PortalPicaticTicketing and Event ManagementONSite
PortalPick My ClassPublic School Teacher ProjectsONSite
PortalPlebsGeneral PurposeQCSite
PortalPodium VenturesEquity Investment for High Tech Startups (Accredited Investors)ABSite
PortalProjetcoGeneral Purpose (WIP)QCSite
PortalProjets QCGeneral PurposeQCSite
PortalProjexityUrban Change ProjectsONSite
PortalPROPERTiiiProperty Crowdsourcing and CrowdfundingQCSite
PortalPursuitCanadian AthletesNSSite
Service ProviderScience MenuResearch Crowdfunding AggregatorBCSite
PortalScolarisAcademic ScholarshipsONSite
Service ProviderSeeding FactoryCrowdfunding Consulting and ManagementQCSite
PortalSeeds of ChangeMcGill University ProjectsONSite
Equity PortalSeedUps CanadaEquity Crowdfunding PortalABSite
PortalShareSpringCommunity Fundraising BCSite
PortalShoplocketFinished Crowdfunding? Start taking pre-ordersONSite
PortalSmallchangefundGrassroots community projectsONSite
Service ProviderSocialGiftGroup Gifting Solution and PluginONSite
PortalSoKapCreative projects (films, music, books)BCSite
PortalSourced.fmSocial crowdfunding and sales platform for musicQCSite
PortalSpringboardWork in progressONSite
Equity PortalSVXSocial Venture Exchange for Impact Ventures, Funds and InvestorsONSite
Service ProviderTouchstone ServicesCrowdfunding Back officeONSite
Service ProviderTravis SouthinCrowdfunding ResearchONSite
PortalTrend TrunkCreative crowdfunding for non-profits & charitiesONSite
PortalTruth North StrongNorthern Credit Union CommunitiesONSite
PortalUendStrategic projects to help extreme povertyABSite
PortalWeeveNot-for-profit and Social ChangeBCSite
PortalWicitohCanadian First Nations projects or events (closed beta)ABSite
PortalYoyomoloSocial fundraising platform that offers the ability to create different kinds of campaignsQCSite


The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada crowdfunding hub providing education, advocacy and networking opportunities in the rapidly evolving crowdfunding industry. NCFA Canada is a community-based, membership-driven entity that was formed at the grass roots level to fill a national need in the market place. Join our growing network of industry stakeholders, fundraisers and investors. Increase your organization’s profile and gain access to a dynamic group of industry front runners. Learn more About Us | About Crowdfunding or contact us at



66 Responses to Canadian Crowdfunding Directory

  1. roii patterson says:

    Well done getting this site and list together so fast. Much appreciated.

  2. Darryl Burma says:

    Nice work on starting this directory. As a fellow Canadian entrepreneur involved in the crowdfunding scene I have bookmarked this link and I’m sure it will prove to be quite useful.

  3. Cindy Gordon says:

    Thanks for your efforts on the directory. Please note that the is a ONT site. NB is the first customer of the SW Platform, provided by Helix Commerce International Inc. The focus is on social impact, entrepreneurs, education & the environment. Appreciate your community leadership. Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, Helix Commerce International Inc.

  4. Thank you for your list. It’s a great reference to sites that are not yet added into our directory of sites – at

    One more thing though, please re-check and – as I clicked on the links, they’re not live anymore

    • NCFA says:

      Hi Archenette, thanks for your interest. I’ve connected with both of the site owners and have validated that they are planning to launch related platforms in the future. We’ll consider these sites to be in ‘closed beta’ status../thanks

  5. Eric Bisson says: is now live (Open beta) and accepting projects :) Already 1 french project submitted.

    And you can add those two from Quebec also: Piñataaa :
    Boumchicaboum :

  6. [...] NCFA (National Crowdfunding Association of Canada) has formed and they have compiled the Canadian Crowdfunding Directory of both crowdfunding portals and service providers in [...]

  7. Cookiee Jar says:

    Hello! Please include on your list! We are a new crowdfunding site launched on November 7th 2012 from Ontario Canada, with many live active campaigns! New users joining daily! Would love if you included us on your list, as we enjoy raising awareness for anything positive. Once again thank you in advance and happy Holidays! – Your Funding Recipe

  8. Cookiee Jar says:

    Happy New year! Thanks for the warm welcome!
    If it is possible, can you please put a space after the second “e” and capitalize the J thanks so much!

  9. [...] for now), Rock The Post, and Fundrazr. A comprehensive Canadian Crowdfunding list is available here. Give it a [...]

    • NCFACanada says:

      Thanks for the support. Please share the directory link and let’s all grow Canada’s vibrant crowdfunding industry together!

  10. Perry N says:

    Lots of website is down

  11. [...] involves creating a project or campaign on a crowdfunding platform such as indiegogo, FundRazr, or other platforms and then encouraging friends, supporters, and the public to contribute funding to the [...]

  12. Vourno says: will be live in Canada by July 1. See you soon.

    • NCFACanada says:

      Congrats on the site Vourno – looks great! Let’s get you setup on the directory and connect online…

      • NCFACanada says:

        We see that you’re based in the US. At this time, we are hosting Canadian-based Crowdfunding Portals. All the best

        • Vourno says:

          Yes, we are based in US, but are opening up platform next week to all Canadian journalists looking to raise money for important Canadian news stories. If we don’t qualify for listing, please help us spread the word. Thank you!!!

  13. Dr. Ben Hindley says:

    Hi! I see I am the first one from Saskatchewan to join. We are working in the area of ECO Systems. Looking forward to working with everyone. Thanks Dr. Ben

  14. Crowdfunding - Women says:

    Hello! We are crowdfunding site for women –, based in Toronto, Ontario.

  15. Peter Szecsodi says:

    Hi there I love what everyone is doing to promote the Crowdfunding industry in Canada, I own and know that this name could be the leading Crowdfunding brand in Canada, if anyone is interested in acquiring this domain name please contact me at

  16. Guest says:

    Please help & share. Thanks.…=share__322Vf8

  17. Jessica Delage says:…=share__322Vf8

    Please help & share. Thanks.

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  27. […] In Canada, crowdfunding is coordinated by the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada. […]

  28. […] In Canada, crowdfunding is coordinated by the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada. […]

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  31. Help Fund Me says:

    Please include
    CrowdFunding For Everyone
    Located in B.C.

  32. […] Most crowdfunding involves setting up a campaign on a site, with the most well-known platforms being Kickstarter and Indiegogo. While featured campaigns often get a lot of page views, the downside to this is that campaigners have to direct backers away from their own sites, lowering their traffic, said Daryl Hatton, CEO of FundRazr, one of Canada’s biggest crowdfunding platforms. […]

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