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Toronto Fintech & Funding Event (Jun 22): NCFA-North of 41 Summer Kickoff Networking!



Thursday, Jun 22, 2017 (5:30 PM - 9:00PM + )

The Spoke Club Rooftop Patio

600 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M3 (map)


$20 Early - SOLD!

$25 Standard- GONE!

$30 Late:  SOLD OUT!

At the door $40 Net Limited Tickets

Hashtag #NCFALive

  • All tickets include entrance to private club patio, food, entertainment, prime networking and cash bar
  • 13% HST extra (we'll pick-up eventbrite platform fees)
  • No refunds prior to 7 days before the event.  Ticket transfers ok.
  • If it rains the event will take place inside the club
  • Checkout photos from last year's Summer Kickoff event here


Leave Winter Behind and KICKOFF SUMMER IN STYLE...

Join the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada, North of 41, Aird & McBurney, Borrowell, Equibit Group, and growing list of Fintech Innovation partners in the heart of King West, one of Toronto's hottest districts, on The Spoke Club’s Rooftop patio for a night of revelry and prime fintech networking mixer.  Interested in disrupting the finance industry, raising capital or participating in Canada’s growing alternative finance and fintech sectors? Here's a perfect opportunity to learn the latest market trends from hot startups (stealth mode) and experts, strategize with partners, pitch investors and mingle with Toronto’s burgeoning fintech ecosystem.

This is a Fintech & FUNDING Event for:

NCFA Canada and North of 41 members, affiliates, partners and community as well as anyone interested in networking and collaborating with startups, investors, angels, early stage-focused VC's and industry experts in alternative finance, crowdfunding, fintech, payments, crypto-currency, blockchain ICOs, AI investing and other financial innovation sectors.

  • Companies actively raising capital
  • Investors and syndicates interested in investing
  • Financial innovators looking to partner or collaborate
  • High growth fintech start-ups (stealth mode) or post-launch
  • Funding platforms, dealers, providers and their client networks

The Spoke Club:  600 King St W Toronto

Want to qualify for a DISCOUNTED TICKET?

A limited number of discounted ticket PROMO codes will be issued for those that complete the 2017 Alternative Finance Crowdfunding in Canada survey for funding platforms, investors and companies!

Take the Survey Now

Step 1:  Complete the survey (take it now)

Step 2:  Email to confirm that you've completed the survey.

Step 3:  Once verified, NCFA will email you a promo code to register with discount.



Event Partners and Sponsors:

The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada non-profit actively engaged with both social and investment crowdfunding stakeholders across the country. NCFA Canada provides education, research, leadership, support, and networking opportunities to over 1500+ members and works closely with industry, government, academia, community and eco-system partners and affiliates to create a strong and vibrant crowdfunding industry in Canada. Learn more at

North of 41 is a place to help entrepreneurs expand their business contacts by encouraging interaction and discussion among Investors, Entrepreneurs and Customers. Our networking events are able to bring together key decision makers from across North America.  The goal of ‘North of 41′ is to promote the tech industry and all of the cutting edge innovation that is taking place from coast to coast.  The North American technology landscape is becoming recognized as a hotbed for the technology being developed by innovative entrepreneurs. As an organization, North of 41 brings together venture capitalists, technology stakeholders, entrepreneurs and others in the eco-system.  For more info visit

Aird & McBurney LP and Aird & Berlis LLP offer an integration of patent agency and legal services to secure and enforce intellectual property (“IP”) rights. We provide a full range of services in connection with all forms of IP, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets and domain names. Our clients range from individual inventors and small start-up companies to universities, hospitals and research facilities to large Canadian and multinational corporations, including Fortune 100 companies. With extensive experience across a variety of industries, clients count on our technical depth and legal guidance to effectively develop, exploit and protect their inventions and innovations. Learn more at  |  @airdmcburney

Borrowell helps Canadians make great decisions about credit. It was the first company in Canada to offer credit scores for free, without strings attached, and has over 200,000 users. Borrowell also created Canada’s quickest and easiest personal loan, at rates typically far better than credit cards. Borrowell has a ground-breaking partnership with CIBC, one of North America’s largest banks, to offer a 'one-click' loan to their customers.  For more information please visit

Equibit Group is applying Blockchain technology to establish the world's first peer-to-peer equity and debt marketplace. In much the same way Bitcoin applied digital technology to currency and payments, Equibit eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure and third-party facilitation from depositories or transfer agents. Registration, transfer, settlement and investor relations will all be managed securely and digitally within a decentralized environment. Founded by a former CFO from the securities industry and a team of blockchain development experts, Equibit Group was established to revolutionize the securities industry.  For more information please visit



Community Partners:



Checkout some pics from last year's "Summer Kickoff" event...

View more photos here....




Innovation is fostered by information gathered from new connections; from insights gained by journeys into other disciplines or places; from active and fluid networks and open boundaries.



See you there!

If you'd like to get involved with this event please contact us at


3rd annual Canadian Crowdfinance Summit (Feb 28 – March 1, 2017)


3rd annual Canadian Crowdfinance Summit

Feb 28 - March 1, 2017           Toronto, Canada

The 3rd annual 2017 Canadian Crowdfinance Summit (#CCS2017) is Canada’s largest national event covering fintech, crowdfunding, internet finance, venture funding and alternative finance markets. Access educational content, deal flow, and premier networking opportunities with over 75+ Canadian and international industry expert speakers in this fast-growing and lucrative industry. Join the national stage with online financing leaders, investors, and innovators.

2 day block.001 small

CCS2017 Keynote Speakers

keynote speakers.001


CCS2017's theme is Innovation Finance: Fintech and Funding. Since Canadian equity crowdfunding regulations were released in 2015 and 2016, how has it changed traditional and alternative finance markets? What are the latest fintech trends in marketplace lending, investment bank 2.0 platforms, coin offerings and blockchain technology? What new opportunities does innovation finance bring to entrepreneurs, companies and investors? What is the regulatory outlook for 2017 and beyond? The 3rd annual Canadian Crowdfinance Summit (#CCS2017) will highlight these topics, and brings together a spectrum of the foremost leaders, innovators, investors and enablers in the international crowdfunding, fintech and alternative finance markets. Join us in this once a year opportunity to participate and engage in this dynamic industry and become part of the growing Innovation Finance industry:

  • 1.5 days of curated educational programming and networking
  • All the hot button topics required to successfully navigate new markets
  • High profile keynotes and over 75 speakers, round table discussions, industry workshops, regulatory Q&A, live pitching and networking opportunities
  • Keynotes and speaker include Funded Today, Uber, PayPal Canada, SeedInvest, London Stock Exchange, Nexchange, Gowling LLP, Real Ventures, provincial securities regulators and many more



Decision makers from coast-to-coast and around the globe in Canada’s fast growing and lucrative crowdfunding industry:

  • Startups, scale-ups and SMEs actively raising capital
  • Industry participants and professional executives
  • Incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurship networks
  • Social enterprise-impact investing companies and non-profit organizations
  • Government involved in small business and innovation
  • Private angel investors and venture capital groups, fund managers and corporate investors
  • Media journalists and content creators

For Investors

Discover new alternative funding models, investment strategies, and deal flow opportunities. Gain leading-edge industry insight.

For Companies

Network and pitch your venture to investors, customers and partners. Learn about the latest funding strategies and options.

For Professionals

Get access to companies, deal flow, partners through new financial instruments to generate leads for your practice.

For Portals and Platforms

Gain valuable industry insight and make new connections with customers, partners, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators.


Not to be missed!  The 3rd annual Canadian Crowdfinance Summit is the industry’s largest national conference providing the most comprehensive thought leadership, education, networks, funding and investment opportunities to 500+ participants in Canada’s rapidly growing internet finance and fintech crowdfunding industry.








Accelerate access to capital markets and emerging fintech opportunities

Save 15% with code SAVE15

Presentation Deck: 2016 Small Business Forum Crowdfunding 101+ Workshop


NCFA Canada | Craig Asano | Oct 26, 2016


Oct 25, 2016, NCFA Canada delivered an hour Crowdfunding 101+ workshop at the 2016 Small Business Forum at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. This is an annual trade show hosted by Enterprise Toronto that attracts thousands of small businesses each year looking for funding, mentorship, tools, products and services to help them launch and grow. The presentation provides an overview of Crowdfunding markets, both regulated and non-regulated, case studies, deal characteristics to help startups and scaleups understand if Crowdfinance is right for their business. The deck also provides some insight into practical keys to success with planning, executing and following up on a crowdfunding campaign or investment round.


2016 small business forum crowdfunding 101 workshop

1. CROWDFUNDING COMPREHENSIVE INTRODUCTION 101+ Date: Oct 25, 2016 Prepared for: 2016 Small Business Forum, Enterprise Toronto Prepared by: National Crowdfunding Association of Canada

2. OUR AGENDA 2016 Small Business Forum: Enterprise Toronto PART 1: CROWDFUNDING OVERVIEW • What is Crowdfunding and why is it a game changer? • Crowdfunding examples and market growth • Is Crowdfunding right for me? Pros/cons for SMEs PART 2: PRACTICAL KEYS TO SUCCESS • Pre-Planning and Strategy • Executing a Campaign • Post-Campaign • Common mistakes PART 3: Q&A (15mins)

3. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum National Crowdfunding Association of Canada 1500 Subscribers 3200+ Followers 1300+ Members 90+ Platforms 20+ Providers 45 Portals 2016 2015 2014 2013 Oct 2012

4. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Part 1: CROWDFUNDING OVERVIEW 1. Seeking Capital • Online marketplaces that connect companies to investors • Consultants (social media, marketing, advisory services) 2. Funding Portal & Enablers 3. Investors Retail or Accredited Individuals or organizations seeking funding Definition Raising capital online to fund all sorts of projects and ventures such as startups and scaleups (using the internet, social media and technology)

5. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Crowdfunding Part of the Capital Stack Crowdfunding isn’t a stand alone funding source. Crowdfinance includes retail, angels and VC participation too One big difference…Crowdfunding platforms are evolving & can scale – Chance Barnett, CEO of Crowdfunder

6. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Crowdfunding Case Studies Source: Kickstarter Campaign page 1. Innovation and Economic Growth Pebble Smart Watch (Great Canadian success) • Goal was $100K; Viral success preselling 69,000 watches raising over $10 million on US portal Kickstarter • Owner and Waterloo Engineering student, Eric Migicovsky, started company in U.S. Oculus Rift – Potential for Equity • Raised $2.4 million (goal was $250K) • Crowdfunding as an economic generator and on-boarding ramp to follow-on investment • March 25th news report Oculus was just bought by Facebook for $2 billion

7. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Crowdfunding Case Studies 2. Community Development in Canada Invest YYC, Calgary, Alberta • Platform: InvestYYC ( • Launched Jan 2013 • Funds raised $650,000 across 47 projects • Average raise $13,892 3. New Product Development & Marketing “Coolest Cooler”, Portland, Oregon • Platform: Kickstarter • Launched Jan 2014 • Goal was $50K; raised over $13 million from over 62,000 backers

8. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Global Growth in 2014 ($13.2 billion) Past Prediction

9. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum $36 Billion USD Source: Cambridge University and Nesta UK • World Bank Forecasts worldwide $96 billion annually by 2025

10. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum • Growing market but small compared to the US • Impact of Canadian banking oligopoly $200 Million USD Source: Cambridge University and Nesta UK

11. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum NCFA Canadian Crowdfunding Directory Reward/Donation: Equity-based via Dealer: • Steady growth in portals • Equity and Debt emerging • Fintech is all the rage • Real estate crowdfunding emerging Consumer and Small Business Loans:

12. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Basic Crowdfunding Models < $10K $10 - $250K < $100 - $350K+ < $250K - $3M+

13. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Rewards Sample:

14. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Equity Sample:

15. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Lending Sample:

16. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Regulated vs. Unregulated Markets < $10K $10 - $250K < $100 - $350K+ < $250K - $3M+ RegulatedUnregulated • Not issuing a security • Portals, transactions and participation is global • DIY approach to raising capital from an online community • Early seed stage type funding or community capital • Platform fees range from 0% - 9% • Regulated by provincial securities commission and other regulatory bodies • Many financing ‘exemptions’ or tools can be used, some have caps • Work with licensed Dealer-brokers (gatekeepers) • Fees are higher than unregulated (success fee, listing, carried interest management fee)

17. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum • Wide distribution over the internet • Low cost, efficient, transparent capital • The `great equalizer` • Media/PR, awareness • Increase customer engagement and • Evangelize backers into investors (customer acquisition) • Reduce risk by getting feedback on new launches (product or ventures) • Market research Access to Capital Marketing Platform Validation • Raising funds via crowdfunding markets is a very public and transparent • Protect your IP and speak to a lawyer • Crowdfunding takes a lot of effort and commitment • The majority of Ideas fail to reach their funding goal • How will this affect your companies brand? Expose your Idea Resourcing Failure Crowdfunding Pros/Cons Benefits Risks For Companies

18. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Seedrs Portfolio Analysis (253 deals mid 2012 - 2015) Most popular category (of total 15): • Food & Beverage (11%) • Finance & Payments (11%) • Travel, Leisure & Sport (10%) Investors Returns • Platform Investors IRR 14.44% (Tax relief adj 41.87%) • Investors with 20+ investments outperformed overall market Is Crowdfunding Right for Our Business? 40% Digital Business 40% Hybrid20% Non-digital 60% B2C Businesses 10%20% B2B

19. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Trends in Crowdfinance & FinTech • Crowd is Growing more Liquidity: Syndication of investment opportunities (retail, accredited, angels, VCs, institutions) • FinTech Innovation: Improving transparency and removing information barriers that exist in private markets, data driven. Blockchain, ICOs, smart contracts • Regulations are opening up (OSC LaunchPad – Innovation Sandbox) • Companies are staying private longer (rather than going public)

20. PART 2: PRACTICAL KEYS TO SUCCESS “The harder I work, the luckier I get” Samuel Goldwyn

21. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Crowdfunding Lifecycle Planning & Strategy • The greater your planning efforts, the greater your chance of achieving your funding goal • Do not launch a crowdfunding campaign if you are not ready. (3 months) (40 days – 90 days) (Ongoing) Post-campaign • Your campaign is done but now you have to deliver on your promise • Fulfillment • Ongoing customer engagement Campaign Execution • Daily execution of tasks outlined in the campaign plan • Control, monitor and adapt Feedback Loop

22. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Success Factors SUCCESS 2. Network Strength • Sizeable online network and social media presence? • Will media/PR and influential bloggers cover your story? 1. Quality Idea & Pitch • Unique, enterprising and clear value proposition (conveyed online in a simple manner) • Get others excited about your story? • Clear funding target and specific goals? 4. Key Docs and Content • Compliant and necessary for investor review 3. Strong Committed Team • Is your team credible, committed and willing to deploy the resources and time to execute effectively? • Time management HARD WORK! 5. Marketing Campaign & Incentives • Planning and strategy with ability to execute through launch to post campaign

23. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum • Build your crowd before you launch • Recommend content generation and social media workshops • Develop an online strategy for your business • Start with internal networks • PR Push: Build rapport with media folks, journalists and bloggers • Attend industry networking and community building events to grow your crowd • Evaluate your internal networks social reach to forecast a realistic ‘Funding Target’ based on conversion rates (i.e., 2%) • Prime your network before you launch (reach out, engage) • 20-30% of your campaign funding will come from your internal ‘friends and family’ network • Understand the difference between ‘Keep what you Raise’ vs ‘All or Nothing’ funding types Low Mid High Planning & Strategy Assess the Strength of Your Network and Establish Realistic Funding Target

24. Funding Lead Strategy, resourcing, fulfillment Build Your Funding Team Team Strength? Content & Media Manager Key message, content distribution, channel selection, engagement Compelling Spokesperson Spokesperson, media engagements NCFA @Money Forum • Is your Team 100% Committed and credible? • Do you have family and friends that can support? • Outsource? Legal, Accounting and Compliance Documents, resumes, valuations, trademarks/patents, incorporation etc.

25. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Equity Planning & Strategy • Key Milestones that impact business valuations • Minimum capital required to reach each stone? • What securities will you offer in which jurisdictions? • Funding platform you want to work with? Solid Capital Raising Plan • Business plan, portal compliance, financial statements • Investor term sheet, subscription agreement, pitch deck • Video, prepared PR releases, email responses etc. Prepare Key Documents (offline / online) • Identify potential investors, prime the pump, range investor potential to commit • Network, keep all doors and opportunities, road show, leverage PR/media, do not just rely on portal • Treat everyone you deal with, with respect Prepare for Outreach Campaign • Have them review to ensure compliance and credibility • All documents, offline and online and remediate where necessary Contact Legal and Other Professionals Getting Ready for an Equity Crowdfunding Raise

26. Planning & Strategy Not everyone needs a reward Altruism, especially for donation-based Reward Considerations Budget and timing Rewards cost money (shipping fees!) Bundle rewards Group rewards together Special – Scarce, Creative, VIP Limited quantity, unique experience Leverage in-kind from partners Use good will from donated contributions Types of Rewards Product Social Experiences Financial » Services VIP Access Add/update New Rewards Test market and iterate!

27. Targeting your networks Marketing campaign Engaging with your networks and prospects Reaching out to media and bloggers Asking networks to: 1. Learn about the project 2. Share 3. Invest 4. Champion / help promote 5. Support / volunteer Constantly monitor with analytics Are contributions happening? Make changes Daily Task List Online & Offline Feedback Loop Campaign Execution NCFA @Money Forum

28. NCFA @2016 Small Business Forum Post Campaign Thank You Messages Thank you team and backers/investors Positive Reinforcement Contributed to success of project Fulfillment Deliver on your promise Start to fulfil rewards right away Manage expectations Transparency Equity Considerations Shareholder Register Company Minutes Annual reporting requirements to shareholders Nurture New Relationships Ongoing communications and engagement Foster sense of community Develop integration plan Digital experience that moves people

29. Common Mistakes • We underestimated the time commitment involved • We didn’t test our campaign sufficiently • We launched before we were ready • We didn’t develop an accurate budget • We didn’t consult legal counsel or professional providers • We didn’t account for taxes • We tried to do everything on a shoestring • We didn’t realize how important the video was • We didn’t understand liability exposure (eg. misrepresentation) and intellectual property • We had little to no traction so we gave up • We blamed it on the portal


31. PART 3: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Booth #135Booth #135

32. Join Us Education & Research Market Access Crowdfunding Infrastructure Capital Raising Prep Services Support and Leadership Advocacy GET IT IN TOUCH Canadian Crowdfunding Industry


The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada non-profit actively engaged with both social and investment crowdfunding stakeholders across the country. NCFA Canada provides education, research, leadership, support and networking opportunities to over 1300+ members and works closely with industry, government, academia, community and eco-system partners and affiliates to create a strong and vibrant crowdfunding industry in Canada. Learn more at


3rd Annual Canadian Crowdfinance Summit


Feb 28 - March 1, 2017    |     Downtown Toronto

The 3rd annual 2017 Canadian Crowdfinance Summit (#CCS2017) is Canada’s largest national event covering fintech, crowdfunding, internet finance, venture funding and alternative finance markets. Access educational content, deal flow, and premier networking opportunities with over 75+ Canadian and international industry expert speakers in this fast-growing and lucrative industry. Join the national stage with online financing leaders, investors, and innovators.

2017 Canadian Crowdfinance Summit (Wednesday March 1 2017)

CCS2017 will build on the successes of the previous Summits with the most relevant speakers and latest content for all online funding models, internet finance, fintech crowdfunding and alternative finance:

  • Cover all aspects of the industry including successes and challenges across all funding models and work to connect, build/grow and lay the foundation for a successful 2017;
  • Showcase the foremost thought leaders, practitioners, entrepreneurs and investors;
  • Inspire with innovative content, dynamic presentations, keynote(s), ‘stories from the edge’, expert panels and fireside chat interviews
  • Facilitate prime networking opportunities for delegates, exhibitors and partners;
  • Interactive workshops on models and hot sectors (eg., Entertainment and Real estate tracks);
  • Pitching showcase of emerging companies from a variety of industries and growth stages;
  • Provide media/branding opportunities for conference partners; and
  • Mentoring opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses;

NEW Pre-CCS2017 Workshops & VIP Networking Reception (Feb 28)

The overwhelming response to the first two Summits combined with industry growth and diversification revealed the need to provide more curated workshops for various tracks as well as opportunities for funding platforms to showcase curated deals to prospective investors.  So, we’re expanding the conference program to include pre-CCS2017 workshop content on February, 28, 2017 that will end with the VIP networking reception which was a great success last year.



More info:


The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada non-profit actively engaged with both social and investment crowdfunding stakeholders across the country. NCFA Canada provides education, research, leadership, support and networking opportunities to over 1500+ members and works closely with industry, government, academia, community and eco-system partners and affiliates to create a strong and vibrant crowdfunding industry in Canada. Learn more at

Just Released!  Download Full Report Now

2016 Alternative Finance Crowdfunding in Canada report



VanFUNDING 2016 Brings 50 Industry FinTech and Crowdfunding Leaders to Vancouver on Oct 18th


NCFA Canada | VanFUNDING 2016 Release


VANCOUVER, Oct. 11, 2016 /CNW/ - In one week, the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA) will host VanFUNDING 2016, (#VanFUNDING) the second annual Fintech and Crowdfunding conference. This year's event, held at The Imperial in downtown Vancouver, has expanded to an interactive full day format.

Enterprise conference partners including PayPal Canada, IBM, Vancity, Fasken Martineau and others are gathering with 300 investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts to 'Launch, Connect and Grow' emerging Fintech Crowdfunding markets across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest via powerful education, pitching and networking opportunities.  With over 50 speaking participants and a long list of hot topics across 30 sessions, #VanFUNDING is a not to be missed Fintech and Venture Funding conference for professionals, vendors, startups, scaleups, ecosystem supporters and emerging industry players. Register Now to ensure your spot!

Featuring Leading Global Crowdfunding, Fintech and Alternative Finance Experts

A Who's Who of 50+ venture funding experts with keynote addresses and presentations to include:

  • Shirley Vickers, CEO of BC Innovation Council officially opens VanFUNDING 2016
  • Bundeep Rangar, Finequia CEO on "The Rise of Fintech and Its Potential Impact on Public and Private Markets"
  • Caroline Ong, IBM Canada, Partner, Global Business Services, Analytics and Cognitive Leader on "IBM Fintech Innovations and Growing the Canadian Landscape"
  • Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss, Crowdfund Capital Advisors/Venture Fund on "Global Data Analysis & crowdfunding trends: Roadmap for Innovation and Economic Growth"
  • Barbara Gray, Author of Ubernomics and Analyst and Strategy Consultant, Brady Cap Research on "How to Create Economic Abundance and Rise above the Competition"

Hot Fintech, Crowdsourcing and Investor Perspectives:

  • We built this city: Fintech Innovators from Lendified, Katipult, RentMoola and Wealthbar, along with Bill Tam, BCTIA CEO, talk innovation and the Future of financial services
  • Bernd Petak of Finstripe highlights Key lessons from The DAO, a $146M decentralized crowdfunding experiment
  • P2P lenders Cato Pastoll of Lending Loop, Chantel Chapman of Mogo, and others discuss Marketplace and 'instant lending' trends: Bank reactions & 360 perspectives
  • Learn about the highs and lows of investing in Crowdfunding markets with Brenda Irwin and Simon Whitfield of Relentless Pursuit Partners
  • Christian Cotichini of HeroX and Daryl Hatton of FundRazr break it down fireside to talk about "The unlimited potential of Crowdsourcing and incentives"

'Not to be missed' Raising Capital Sessions:

  • Corey Herscu of Herscu & Goldsilver delivers invaluable insight to ventures on getting media attention with "How to guarantee the media opens your pitch emails"
  • Crowdfinance FrontFundr lead, Peter-Paul Van Hoeken will answer the question, "Is Canada keeping up with the Joneses?"
  • Elliot Mak from the BC Securities Commission will deliver a workshop on the 'Mechanics of Securities Crowdfunding – What you need to know'
  • Alixe Cormick, President of Venture Law Corp and Jennifer Lucas, Managing Partner of Evans and Evans Inc. on Capital raising options for start-ups and scale-ups?
  • Looking into Cross-border crowdfinancing options in the United States? George Georgiades, President of AltFinEsq and Bob Poole, Principal of Davidson and Company discuss opportunities for Canadian issuers to tap larger markets in the US using via Reg A/+
  • R2Crowd executives Amar Nijjar and Chad Gemmell will educate investors on How to access commercial real estate deals and leverage tech to bolster 12-24 per cent ROI

Outstanding Line-up of Ventures Selected for Pitching

The lineup of innovative ventures competing in the Pitching Showcase includes: ChatterHigh, Copypants, Glance Pay, Hitch Planet, Keela, Mode, My Green Space, Reach and Starling.  These hot startups and growth ventures will be vying for valuable educational, mentorship and promotional prizes.  The pitching showcases will be hosted and led by Launch Academy, Wavefront and Kereitsu.

Also featuring three industry 'Pitch & Meet' pitches on the main stage to investors and the crowd are 'on the move' ventures currently in funding rounds: Quidni Estate Winery, FrontFundr and FundingNomad.

#VanFUNDING 2016 is proudly brought to you by: Title: Finequia; Pre-Event VIP Networking: PayPal Canada; Diamond:  AltFinEsQ and Zyber; Gold: R2Crowd, Vancity, Crowdfund Capital Advisors, Fasken Martineau and Quidni Estate Winery; and Silver: Blockchain Canada, Katipult, Frontfundr, FundingNomad and Herox.

For a complete list of conference participants, speakers and event schedule visit the VanFUNDING conference website.


About the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada
The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada non-profit actively engaged with both social and investment crowdfunding stakeholders across the country.  NCFA Canada provides education, research, leadership, support and networking opportunities to over 1300+ members and works closely with industry, government, academia, and community and eco-system partners and affiliates to create a strong and vibrant crowdfunding industry in Canada. For more information please visit:

SOURCE National Crowdfunding Association of Canada

For further information: Media Contact: Craig Asano, Executive Director,, 416 618 0254, @NCFAcanada


Canada at Crowdfunding Tipping Point – VanFUNDING 2016 scheduled for Oct. 18th in Vancouver


NCFA Canada | Team #VanFUNDING 2016 | Sep 20, 2016

VaNFUNDING 2016 Launch Connect Grow2nd Annual Fintech & Crowdfunding Conference helps startups and scaleups raise capital

VANCOUVER, BC – September 20, 2016 – In one month, the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA) will host the 2nd annual VanFUNDING 2016, expanded this year to an interactive full day format and being held at The Imperial in downtown Vancouver.

#VanFUNDING 2016 is all about igniting online and alternative venture funding markets in Canada providing opportunities for startups and scaleups seeking to accelerate access to private capital markets, investors, and partners to expand their networks.  The agenda covers hot topics in global crowdfunding, fresh fintech research, and venture investing via an immersive format of storytelling, expert panels, pitches and networking.

Apply to Pitch your Startup or Growth Venture Today – Deadline Sept. 25th!  Showcase your business to investors, enablers and the crowd to fundraise, network and scale.

Globally, crowdfunding markets more than doubled in 2015 to $34B.  Building off this explosive growth and last year’s sold-out event, VanFUNDING 2016 will feature success stories, key players, best practices, new developments and international thought leaders like Sherwood (Woody) Neiss of Crowdfund Capital Advisors and many other alternative finance experts.

VanFUNDING 2016 will feature a prominent UK financier and keynote speaker, Bundeep Rangar, CEO of Finequia, an international platform for financing debt securities who noted,

“The convergence of technology with shareholder-based finance in the form of equity and debt crowdfunding will propel the economic dominance of the early adopters. Will others, such as Canada, follow quickly or risk being left out of this undeniable fintech-led transformation of private and public markets?"

As a co-founder of the Crowdfund Investing movement, Woody commented,

“Canada may be at a tipping point for securities-based crowdfunding.  I’m excited to be part of this conference where I will be sharing key global data analysis and trends in crowdfunding. Let’s make sure Canada isn’t left out of the jobs and innovation engine of the future!”

Still, this tipping point requires the education, connections and advocacy that VanFUNDING 2016 offers participants.  As NCFA Canada Executive Director Craig Asano points out,

“While the Canadian crowdfunding industry grew to over $130 million in 2015, nationally, it’s crucial for the entire financial ecosystem to support and collaborate with emerging alternative finance markets.  Otherwise, we run the risk of falling further behind other nations who are successfully developing a new funding framework that has proven itself internationally.”

Other vital fintech topics will cover rewards, debt and equity crowdfunding including real estate funding; blockchain; new financial technology innovations; impact investing; market provisioning and infrastructure; legal and financial considerations and crowdfunding’s impact on angel investment and venture capital funds.

Get involved in VanFUNDING 2016!

  • Are you the next Fintech rock star? Qualified industry leaders, or successful crowdfunders, apply to speak here; or
  • Build your brand’s profile, gain access and help shape the industry (view Partnership Opportunities); or
  • Help make the event day outstanding, apply to volunteer here; or
  • Media passes available here for accredited media representatives.

For an evolving list of 50+ conference participants, speakers and event schedule visit the VanFUNDING 2016 conference website.

Early bird registration tickets are open now (limited quantity)


# ##

The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada non-profit actively engaged with both social and investment crowdfunding stakeholders across the country. NCFA Canada provides education, research, leadership, support and networking opportunities to over 1300+ members and works closely with industry, government, academia, community and eco-system partners and affiliates to create a strong and vibrant crowdfunding industry in Canada. Learn more at


For more information, please contact:

Media Contact:

Craig Asano
Executive Director
416 618 0254


Toronto Seminar (Sep 15, 2016): Are you ready to dive into equity crowdfunding?


Dentons Canada | Carla Vasquez | Aug 17, 2016

crowdfunding event

Join thought leaders, fast-rising entrepreneurs, business owners, and industry professionals at this enlightening panel discussion.  Our distinguished panel is uniquely qualified to provide you with the information you need to raise capital from the crowd efficiently and effectively. At the end of this event you will have the in-depth knowledge you need to dive right in!

Refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you there for an afternoon of insights and opportunities.

Date:   Thursday, September 15, 2016

Registration:  4:00‑4:30 p.m.
Panel session:  4:30‑5:30 p.m.
Networking:  5:30‑6 p.m.

Venue:  Dentons
77 King Street West
5th Floor
Toronto, ON | Map



  • Craig Asano, Founder and Executive Director, National Crowdfunding Association of Canada

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