FUNDNorth. A Journey into Alternative Financing For The North


Community Futures | Graham Stanley | March 17, 2017


The first-ever symposium to discuss Alternative Financing in North Central BC.

This is the sequel to the very successful and informative Community Crowdfunding Summit held last year. Over the last few years, Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular as a source of alternative financing around the globe. From your local museum to a startup business to real estate, crowdfunding is very prevalent. Therefore, crowdfunding will comprise a goodly portion of this symposium. But today there is so much more.

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The challenge we faced in organizing this conference was to find information pertinent to the startup business person, the local nonprofit organization, the social enterprise endeavour and the local investor with a focus on where we live; that being the North Central area of British Columbia.

As you know securing funding is not easy where ever you may be, but even more so in our area. From nonprofits to a startup business, traditionally when an innovator, a technology-based business or a social enterprise wanted to develop their product or idea, it had to be shopped around. Often these businesses or projects are considered too high risk for traditional financing, yet that innovation may fill a market gap and have the opportunity to develop into the next multi-million dollar idea.

Cognizant of all of this we gathered some of the most talented and creative minds in this province and tasked them with drilling down to the core of various forms of unconventional financing ideas available to us.

Community Futures believes it is time to bridge the knowledge gap about alternative financing. FUNDNorth will take you on a journey through a world that quite often eludes us here in the north, and put together the pieces of this puzzle. If you have been searching for this type of information you will be tremendously happy you joined us.

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