Canada has over 70 crowdfunding portals across the country. (Source: NCFA Canada, Jan-2014)


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The Global crowdfunding market grew 81% in 2012 to a total funding volume of $2.7 billion with over 1.1 million successful campaigns receiving funding.

Inspiring and Innovative Campaigns

What Crowdfunding Campaigns Inspire You?
What Crowdfunding Campaigns Inspire You?

Ncfa Canada What Crowdfunding Campaigns Inspire You?

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Inspiring and innovative crowdfunding campaigns that move the earth and you in the process.

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  1. 1. GravityLight: lighting for developing countries. | Indiegogo

    GravityLight: lighting for developing countries. | Indiegogo

    We have developed a realistic alternative to Kerosene lamps by harnessing the power of gravity. We need your help to make it happen.

  2. 2. The Practice MBA Summer Forum

    The Practice MBA Summer Forum

    Who is Ivan and what is Practice MBA? I'm a former management consultant, Wharton MBA grad, and, before that, a decidedly "non-traditional" MBA candidate (I majored in History in college, worked for a molecular medicine journal, a software services start-up, and for GE Litigation and Legal Policy prior to business school).

  3. 3. Fight to be Upright! Charlie's Campaign for Lifesaving Surgery

    Fight to be Upright! Charlie's Campaign for Lifesaving Surgery

    Charlie has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & needs lifesaving brain & spine surgery in Maryland!

  4. 4. Support local literacy with Green Reads

    Support local literacy with Green Reads

    Green Reads makes eco-friendly vending machines designed to help libraries and charities sell community donated used books and library discards for a toonie.

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2 Responses to Inspiring and Innovative Campaigns

  1. Jaap Krijgsman says:

    The Future of Equity Crowdfunding

    Invest directly in innovative consumer web shops
    A unique Dutch initiative: equity-based crowd funding for web shops.

    On September 4th 2014, StoreCorporation will start a unique initiative to invest directly in fast-growing privately-owned web shops.

    Crowd funding is no longer a new concept for web shops, but private individuals directly co-owning multiple web shops through investment is.
    The acquisition of capital with a large mass of small investors is an innovative form of (online) financing with incredible potential. StoreCorporation crowd funds differently; here, you participate directly in the share capital of the enterprise and its web shops.

    Direct investment in privately-owned businesses is usually a cumbersome affair; every transaction must pass through a notary and the drafting of official contracts is required.

    StoreCorporation has chosen a simpler path; one that is fully covered legally and is unopposed by the Dutch financial supervisory authorities (AFM and DNB). Now, investing in an as of yet privately-owned business is a piece of cake.

    What is the secret to this simplicity? The StoreCorporation has chosen to utilize a tried and true Dutch legal form: the co-op (Cooperatie U.A.). This is a form where its members are in charge and participate in the capital, but without a larger amount of accountability than the invested amount of money.

    Equity-based crowd funding for web shops
    How does it work? After a successful crowd funding, the StoreCorporation establishes an investment co-op co-op (Cooperatie U.A.), which gains a share capital in the company.

    The investors all gain membership of that investment co-op, which eventually becomes the owner of all the shares of the company. Transparency of the organization is safeguarded by a graduated system of ownership and influence. One can compare it to market-listed stock certificates, where the investor owns the certificate while the actual share is held by an administration office. The difference is that with StoreCorporation, investors have more input and influence than holders of stock certificates because they are co-owners of the investment co-op who determine its policies, have full voting rights and selects its board of directors.

    Limited share risk
    Of course there is the usual risk that comes with undertaking and applies to all investments in companies. If the StoreCorporation can no longer meet its obligations and goes bankrupt, its investors will lose their invested money. However, because the StoreCorporation invests in more than ten web shops, the risk is minimalized.

    Invest directly in innovative consumer web shops
    Also of interest is the attention playing in the back ground, for example from abroad. We have tested our story on several crowd funding web sites and the attention we have gained is remarkable. Several groups have already come forward to become shareholders in the StoreCorporation.

    At, anyone can invest and therefore profit of the present and future growth. One share can be bought for 20 euros, so truly everyone can come on board and profit from the growth in web shops and this new way of doing business!

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