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Our vision is simple. Help Canadian Fintech companies scale and export their products and services abroad by connecting them with investors, buyers and partners who can help them expand to foreign markets around the globe. We do this by providing a one-stop destination for stakeholders to conduct research, share information, facilitate connections and Q&A and learn about Canadian Fintech companies and the growing ecosystem. logo  1 - Canadian Fintech & Funding home resize - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory

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Last Revised: January 31, 2019
This is an ever evolving and growing directory of active (or beta) online financial technology platforms and service providers in Canada including sectors such as blockchain, crowdfunding, alternative finance, real estate, P2P lending, regtech, insurtech, aggregators, consultants and ecosystems. To request to be listed in the directory you need to be a member of NCFA and also email us directly with your request at and we'll do our best to make updates periodically. To become a member of NCFA please click here.

Canadian FF Directory Jan 31 2019 - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory


Service ProviderAccesswireFlat Fee News DistributionUSSite
PortalArt Market CanadaCreative and Artistic ProjectsONSite
PortalArtsFunding.caCrowdfunding for the ArtsONSite
PortalATB BoostRCrowdfunding for local businesses in AlbertaABSite
Service ProviderBennett Milner Williams ConsultingCrowdfunding consultantABSite
Lending PortalBorrowellLoans for responsible CanadiansONSite
Equity PortalBrixReal Estate Equity crowdfunding ONSite
Service ProviderCanadian Media FundCanadian Crowdfunding ResourcesONSite
PortalChimpCanadian CharitiesBCSite
Service ProviderCoinPaymentsIntegrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and ICO marketplaceBCSite
Service ProviderCommercial PassportBlockchain Document Custody KYCQCSite
Equity PortalConsiderFunding.comEquity Crowdfunding PlatformBCSite
PortalCookiee JarGeneral Purpose Awareness and FundraiserONSite
Royalty PortalCorlRevenue based financing for tech startups and companiesQCSite
PortalCrowd AmplifyMulti-purpose platform aimed at users inexperienced with crowdfundingNBSite
Service ProviderCrowdfund BeatCrowdfunding news and info (Canadian edition)ONSite
Service ProviderCrowdfund SuiteCrowdfunding Management + ConsultingBCSite
PortalCrowdfundfusionCrowdfunding aggregatorMBSite
Service ProviderCrowdfunding DojoDirect marketing techniques for reward based campaignsONSite
PortalCrowdfunding.caGeneral Crowdfunding (WIP)SKSite
Service ProviderCrowdfundingADRDispute Resolution Services (North America - office in LA)ONSite
Service ProviderCrowdFundOffice.comInvestor Services, Accounting and ComplianceONSite
PortalCrowdhelpsCrowdfunding campaigns to help womenONSite
Equity PortalCrowdmatrixEquity Crowdfunding PlatformONSite
Service ProviderCrowdrating.caCrowdsourced ratingsQCSite
Service ProviderCurexeSend and Receive Funds GloballyONSite
Service ProviderDonorhutWhite label fundraising software for charities and non-profitsMBSite
Service ProviderEquibit GroupBlockchain solutions for the securities industryONSite
PortalFan.siSubscription-based crowdfunding for musicians and fansONSite
PortalFANPUSHMusic & EntertainmentBCSite
Service ProviderFinTech Growth SyndicateBusiness AcceleratorONSite
PortalFlipgiveCrowdfunding for non-profits through product sales & donationsONSite
Equity PortalForegrowthInstitutional Quality InvestmentsONSite
Equity PortalFrontFundrOnline Investment PlatformBCSite
Service ProviderFundicaCrowdsourced access to grants, tax credits, loans and equity fundingQCSite
Equity PortalFundingNomadCrowdfunding for Entertainment, Media and Real Estate InvestmentONSite
PortalFundRazrRewards and cause based crowdfundingBCSite
Lending PortalFundThroughSmall Business LoansONSite
PortalFutureFunder.caCarleton UniversityONSite
PortalGiveffectCrowdfunding for CharitiesONSite
Service ProviderGlobal Blockchain TechnologiesPublic Investment fund focused on blockchainONSite
Equity PortalGotrooEquity Crowdfunding PlatformQCSite
Service ProviderGrowDigital Banking Solutions for Financial InstitutionsBCSite
PortalHaricotGeneral purposeQCSite
PortalHeroXCrowdsourcing global solutions and crowdfunding incentive prizesBCSite
Equity PortalHomeboundInvest in Crowdfunded Real Estate Properties (beta)ONSite
Service ProviderIgnitionDeckWordpress Crowdfunding PluginABSite
Service ProviderIntegral TransferShare Transfer AgencyONSite
PortalInvest Local BCCommunity Futures Stuart NechakoBCSite
Equity PortalInvestXPrivate equity for every investorBCSite
Service ProviderKatipultWhite Label Crowdfunding SoftwareABSite
Service ProviderKreativ ThotzConcept development to retail market servicesONSite
PortalLa RucheProjects impacting Quebec City and surrounding areasQCSite
PortalLabfundrCrowdfunding for ScienceNSSite
PortalLaunchopolisFull service crowd ventureONSite
Lending PortalLendifiedSmall Business LoansONSite
Lending PortalLending LoopOnline Lending MarketplaceONSite
Lending PortalLendMartSmall business lending options serviceQCSite
PortalLendpoolCrowdfunding for projectsONSite
PortalLuevoCrowdfunding FashionONSite
PortalMake a ChampAthletes and Sporting OrganizationsQCSite
PortalMake Giving HappenCrowdfunding platform that is customizable to your brand and goalsONSite
Service ProviderMatterealizeProduct Design ConsultancyABSite
PortalMeatme.caFarm to table crowdfundingBCSite
Service ProviderMLG Blockchain ConsultingGlobal blockchain development and consulting firmONSite
PortalMy Class NeedsCanadian Classrooms K-12ONSite
Equity PortalNexusCrowdAccredited Investor CrowdfundingONSite
Service ProviderNiko / Nikola Tesla UniteNiko Coin EcosystemONSite
Equity PortalOpen AvenueReal Estate CrowdfundingONSite
PortalOpportunity International CanadaFunding individuals, groups and businesses that work to end povertyONSite
Equity PortalOptimize Capital MarketsPrivate placement for Accredited Investors and InstitutionsONSite
Service ProviderPegasus FintechICO Advisory ServicesONSite
PortalPicaticTicketing and Event ManagementONSite
Equity PortalPolymath NetworkBlockchain Securities (beta)ONSite
Lending PortalProgressaConsumer loans - helping Canadians build creditBCSite
PortalProject Her INCCrowdfunding for women entrepreneur owned & led businessesBCSite
PortalProjexityUrban Change ProjectsONSite
PortalPursuitCanadian AthletesNSSite
Equity PortalR2Online marketplace for Real Estate Debt/Equity Capital and InvestmentsONSite
Equity PortalRealStarterReal Estate Equity CrowdfundingQCSite
Service ProviderREMITRInternational Money Transfers for BusinessONSite
PortalRocketSecurity Token CrowdfundingBCSite
Service ProviderSeeding FactoryCrowdfunding Consulting and ManagementQCSite
PortalSeeds of ChangeMcGill University ProjectsONSite
Service ProviderSeedUps CanadaFundraising servicesABSite
PortalShareSpringCommunity Fundraising BCSite
PortalSmallchangefundGrassroots community projectsONSite
Service ProviderSmarter.loansLoan Directory for Any type of Loan or FinancingONSite
Equity PortalSVXSocial Venture Exchange for Impact Ventures, Funds and InvestorsONSite
PortalThe Funding PortalAccess to government grants, tax credits, accredited investors and private capitalONSite
Service ProviderThrinaciaDonation/reward-based White Label PlatformsBCSite
PortalTilt CanadaGroup paymentsONSite
Service ProviderTODA.NetworkFoundational Layer for Decentralized NetworksUSSite
Equity PortalTokenFunderBlockchain Crowdfunding. Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) *BetaONSite
Service ProviderTouchstone ServicesCrowdfunding Back officeONSite
PortalTrackieProfileCrowdfunding for track and field athletesONSite
Service ProviderTravelCoin FoundationTransforming the Travel IndustryUKSite
Service ProviderTravis SouthinCrowdfunding ResearchONSite
PortalTrend TrunkCreative crowdfunding for non-profits & charitiesONSite
PortalTruth North StrongNorthern Credit Union CommunitiesONSite
PortalUNU FundGeneral PurposeONSite
PortalUSEEDFor groups/organizations and programs at University of AlbertaABSite
Service ProviderVanbexGlobally recognized Blockchain consulting and expertiseBCSite
Lending PortalVaultCircleDigital Lending Investment Platform for Accredited InvestorsONSite
Equity PortalVestedEquity crowdfunding for startupsBCSite
PortalYoyomoloSocial fundraising platformQCSite

NCFA Jan 2018 resize - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association (NCFA Canada) is a financial innovation ecosystem that provides education, market intelligence, industry stewardship, networking and funding opportunities and services to thousands of community members and works closely with industry, government, partners and affiliates to create a vibrant and innovative fintech and funding industry in Canada. Decentralized and distributed, NCFA is engaged with global stakeholders and helps incubate projects and investment in fintech, alternative finance, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer finance, payments, digital assets and tokens, blockchain, cryptocurrency, regtech, and insurtech sectors. Join Canada's Fintech & Funding Community today FREE! Or become a contributing member and get perks. For more information, please visit:

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NCFA Canada | Mahi Sall | Oct 5, 2022 Thought Leadership Series of Expert interviews and insights related to a made-in-Canada open banking regime The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada (NCFA), true to its mission of providing education, industry stewardship, networking, growth, and funding opportunities for innovative financial technologies and related sectors, is pleased to launch a brand new thought leadership series on Open Banking led by Berlin-based NCFA ambassador and independent expert in Fintech-Bank Partnerships Mahi Sall. NCFA is proudly contributing this thought leadership series to help shape a system that will bring profound changes in how financial services will be created, distributed, and consumed in Canada over decades to come.  Our hope is that Canada’s Open Banking system will improve economic outcomes, improve market efficiencies and competitiveness, and enable consumers to access new and innovative financial services in a way that is secure, efficient, and consumer-centric. The series is called ‘Canada’s Open Banking Journey’ and aims to aggregate international and domestic perspectives of Open Banking/Finance expert practitioners from around the globe to advance dialogues, key considerations, and explore potential solutions for the development of a made in Canada open banking regime with the following timeline: Sep ...
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NCFA OB thought leadership Ozone API  - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory
AltFi | Stephan Roth | Oct 5, 2022 This article is the second part of a three article series on stablecoins and the future of money. The first article can be read  here .  Speaking at the Opportunities & Challenges of the Tokenization of Finance event in Paris last week: Loud and clear message Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank: Born out of a "cultural revolution" and now accepted by the "Visas, Mastercards and Paypals" of this world, the growth of the crypto industry has shocked regulators across the globe. See:  ECB Publishes Macroprudential Bulletin on Stablecoins, Climate Risk, and DeFi Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell: No transparency, no regulation, no stablecoins or crypto. We need to be very careful how crypto activities are taken within the regulatory perimeter, wherever they take place there is need for more appropriate regulation. Managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Ravi Menon I see more promise in stablecoins, however this will depend on the regulatory regime in place to track them. Stuck in limbo, Andrew Smith, government and regulatory affairs director for America at GBBC Digital Finance told AltFi that the current US stablecoin regulatory landscape has "proven impossible for ...
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Stablecoins and regulation - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory
Oct 5, 2022 Most people want to grow their finances by investing in a profitable business or trade. There are countless businesses that anyone can do, ranging from offline to online businesses. For example, if you prefer trading via forex brokers, you’d be investing your finances as an online trader. Investing in any business requires patience, skills, and financial management to succeed. The complexities of the different markets and trading conditions greatly influence profitability, so it is necessary to consider your choices carefully. Here, you’ll learn five ways to invest your finances and manage your investments safely and remain profitable. Trade Forex Forex trading is a popular way to grow your finances by buying, selling, or exchanging currencies on the global market. Profits are possible due to the differences in the price of currencies. Forex trading is the easiest way to invest today because anyone can trade forex comfortably on any compatible internet-enabled device. The forex market is regulated in each country to ensure safety and fairness to consumers. Forex traders have the advantage of liquidity and access to many currencies to trade. Volatility is the primary factor in the profitability of forex trading and an important consideration when investing ...
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Image Pixabay Finance - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory
Guest Post | Oct 5, 2022 Are you scouting for a reliable UX design agency and don't know where to begin? Selecting a reputable agency to handle your web products can be challenging. The market has many companies offering UI/UX services, and settling for the right one requires the right approach. UX design directly impacts the success of a web product. You need to develop a product with an exceptional design to enhance user experience. Besides, great product design is a sure way of retaining customers. So, hiring a professional design agency will increase your ROI immensely. Apart from checking out the expertise of SaaS designers, it would help to research the agency's reputation. Ensure the agency has reliable experts to deliver products that align with your business goals. Let us explore the essential pointers of a credible UX agency to focus on in the online search process. Business Needs Clarity about your business needs and goals is vital before hiring a design agency. Why do you need design services? Before you choose a UX agency, identify your product objectives. Each agency has a team of experts working behind the scenes with different skills. Communicating your business needs will assist ...
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Image unsplash design thinking - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory
CNBC | Ryan Browne | Oct 4, 2022 Mastercard launches fraud detection software:  'Crypto Secure' Why:  Mastercard will on Tuesday debut a new piece of software that helps banks identify and cut off transactions from fraud-prone crypto exchanges, the company told CNBC exclusively.  It already uses similar technology to prevent fraud in fiat currency transactions. With Crypto Secure, it's expanding such functionality to bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Ajay Bhalla, Mastercard's president of cyber and intelligence business, said the move was about ensuring its partners can "stay compliant with the complex regulatory landscape." Despite the slump in digital token prices, crime in the industry has shown no signs of abating. See:  Digital Asset Classification vs Wire Fraud: What’s the Most Powerful Law in Crypto Right Now Called Crypto Secure, the system uses "sophisticated" artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the risk of crime associated with crypto exchanges on the Mastercard payment network. The system relies on data from the blockchain, a public record of crypto transactions, as well as other sources. The service is powered by CipherTrace, a blockchain security startup Mastercard acquired last year. Based in Menlo Park, California, CipherTrace helps businesses and government agencies investigate illicit transactions involving cryptocurrencies ...
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Mastercard crypto secure - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory
Treasury Board of Canada | Release | Oct 3, 2022 The External Advisory Committee on Regulatory Competitiveness brings together external stakeholders to develop recommendations on how to improve Canada’s regulatory system.The Committee was established in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement. During its initial term, which ran from 2019 to 2021, the Committee made a series of recommendations on how to make Canada’s regulatory system more competitive, innovative, and effective.Budget 2021 announced the renewal of the Committee until 2023. Under its renewed mandate, the Committee: provides advice on how to promote regulatory excellence by supporting innovation, competitiveness and economic growth while ensuring health, safety, security, and environmental outcomes; brings together representatives from across the country to provide an independent perspective on improving Canada’s regulatory system; and supports the modernization of Canada’s regulatory system, seeking to make the system more flexible, adaptable, and sustainable for the future. The Committee’s work is structured into four themes: COVID-19 lessons learned; regulatory stock reviews; the Cabinet Directive on Regulation; and, monitoring the first Committee’s recommendations. To learn more about the full scope and authority of the committee, consult the committee’s terms of reference. Composition and membership The Committee is composed of seven members, representing a diverse ...
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Robin Ford - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory | Aaron Drapkin  | Sep 26, 2022 A recent survey has found that employees need more learning and growth opportunities to stop them from hopping between jobs. Survey: In order to find out what that entails, Microsoft has surveyed 20,000 people in 11 countries, “and analyzed trillions of Microsoft 365 productivity signals, along with LinkedIn labor trends and Glint People Science findings.” 'Re-recruit': Microsoft has advised companies to “re-recruit, re-onboard, and re-energize employees” based on the results of a recent survey that has delved into the world of hybrid work and what employees need from their companies. See:  Offer Your Employees Better Working Conditions By Following These Tips Everyone wants more development opportunities for learning and growth 76% of employees say they’d stay at their company longer if they could benefit more from learning and development support. 56% of employees and 68% of “business decision makers” report that they need more opportunities for growth or else they’ll pack up and switch jobs, whilst 55% see a switch of employment as the best route to generating a better skillset. Over two-thirds of staff surveyed (68%) say they would stay at their company or organization for a longer period of time ...
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Microsoft on re recruiting employees and survey - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory
Crowdfund Insider | JD Alois | Sep 23, 2022 DealMaker, a crowdfunding company based in Canada but providing services across the US, has been named the 3rd fastest growing company in Canada – reporting a huge 500% rate of growth. While based in Toronto, DealMaker reports 124 employees with a presence in both the US and South America. Co-founded by two attorneys, Rebecca Kacaba and Mat Goldstein, DealMaker is a Toronto-based company that offers sophisticated capital raising tools for companies raising money by selling securities online. DealMaker powers a portfolio of primary issuance, shareholder management, and capital raising solutions that includes equity crowdfunding, investor ranking algorithms, and data tools to support all capital raise types and all securities. DealMaker enables the full stack of securities exemptions in both the US and Canada – including Reg A+, Reg CF, and Reg D as well as the OM exemption [Offering Memorandum] and private placements. See:  JOBS Act of 2012: Ten Years of Legalized Investment Crowdfunding Since the firm’s launch, DealMaker has processed a whopping $1.6 billion in funding enabling more than 650,000 investments. The company claims to have enabled more funding than any other competitor in North America. They have a Broker ...
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Rebecca Kacaba DealMaker - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory | Jamie Redman | Oct 2, 2022 With the new Ethereumpow (ETHW) network launch, ethereum holders are eligible to receive a single ETHW for every ether they own. The following is a simple guide that shows ethereum holders how to access their ETHW tokens using a wallet like Metamask. A couple of weeks ago, Ethereum transitioned from a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain to a proof-of-stake (PoS) network, and ethereum miners chose to mine a few different coins like ethereum classic and ravencoin. Some miners transitioned over to the new Ethereumpow (ETHW) network, and the blockchain has been live for more than two weeks since it launched. At the time of writing, there’s 52.27 terahash per second (TH/s) of hashrate dedicated to the ETHW network. See:  Merge Complete. Goodbye Miners, Hello Stakers The ETHW token has been trading for prices between $10.96 to $12.16 per unit during the last 24 hours. The USD value of ETHW is up 20.6% during the last two weeks, and seven-day statistics indicate the token is up 49.1%. However, during the past 24 hours on October 1, 2022, ETHW has lost roughly 7% against the U.S. dollar. Because ETH owners are eligible for ETHW at a ...
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ETH and ETHW - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory
Guest Post | Oct 2, 2022 The education section of your resume summarizes your academic journey and lists any degrees and certifications that you have acquired. While it is quite straightforward to list your educational qualification, it is also important that you give proper attention to this section. In this article, we will tackle the topic of how you can elaborate on your education on your resume while optimizing it for the applicant tracking system aka ATS. What Is the Importance of Including Education on Resume? If you graduated recently or are someone with only a few years of experience, the question answers itself. After all, your academic accomplishments might be the most valuable asset when you enter the job market for the first time. See:  Fintech Fridays EP55: Global Hiring Trends: How Gen Z Talent Thrives However, if you have gained professional experience, you might wonder whether it is worth focusing on the education section on resume to land a job. Of course, your previous work experience might be considered crucial and should be more detailed; however, offering insight into your educational accomplishments can shine some light on your professional journey. Here are a few reasons that will clear ...
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Pexels image by Anna Shvets Women in interview - Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory