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3 Trends And Innovations In the Turf Maintenance Market

May 15, 2024

Turfgrass and landscaping - 3 Trends And Innovations In the Turf Maintenance Market

The golfing fairways are rising in the cities, turning local real estate into a preferred upscale locality. The lush green turf is attracting investors and thereby the market for grass and related products that are required to keep the turf healthy is growing into a billion-dollar industry. This market is fueled by people's desire for attractive lawns and sports fields. These grassy areas help control weeds and soil erosion, making them good for the environment. Two main reasons for this market's growth are the increasing number of smart homes with fancy landscaping and people becoming more knowledgeable about the benefits of turfgrass.

As per, the demand for easy maintenance, long-lasting, and pocket-friendly turf options is on the rise. Outdoor spaces like gardens with manicured lawns hedged with show-stopper foliage or flowering plants make some heads turn with exasperating appreciation. This is the primary reason for turf grass and related solutions to enhance apart from sporting requirements. Homes, sports fields, and gardens all use turf solutions, and as more of these projects are built, the market expands. The popularity of turf grass is also rising thanks to people being more open to it and new advancements in turf technology.

Trending Technology Aided Turf Management Solutions

  • Robotic Mowers

Lawn mowing is no longer a tiring and cumbersome task involving manual labor to operate a bulky and noisy machine. Autonomous robotic lawnmowers are high-end gadgets that are equipped with sensors that can map the entire area that needs a good dig and navigate through troughs and mounds of course. Obstacle obstruction is avoided with the help of these sensors that detect anything in the mapped path. Once the task is done, these machines return to their charging stations and plug in for the next operation.

  • Smart Watering Systems

There is no need to worry about missing a watering schedule when you are out running a few errands. AI-powered sensor-aided watering systems do not even rely on guesswork about when to water or measure the soil moisture manually before spraying the grass happily. Based on the dashboard data, the sensor will aid in perfect analysis of the external atmosphere and set up a sprinkling schedule. The water pressure and content are increased or decreased based on the same data. No more overwatering or underwatering – just a healthy, happy lawn with minimal effort on your part.

  • Drone Spreaders

Drones in agriculture are making waves in carrying the precise payload and spreading across acreage without disruptions in a fraction of time. Since the fertilizers are handled without any cross-contamination, even small disposals are effective.

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Drones can be either battery-powered or engine-powered with fuel. Once the payload is disbursed, the next round can be prepared. Hectares of land can be fertilized within a couple of days as against weeks using spreaders and manual labor hours.


AI is changing lives for the better for mankind in all possible sectors. Golf turf managers can avail the benefit of the trending technology to maintain the expensive fairways that bring in new membership sign-ups.

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