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5 Hacks To Slash Costs When Transporting Company Cars

Jan 15, 2023

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Depending on your business, a company car can be a simple sedan or a pickup truck. Over time, you may find that your company car choice will become part of your brand. You may need a small van and have a logo designed that works well on a particular door panel. You may need a sleek sedan with darkly tinted back windows for important visitors. Regardless of your need, once you have a make and model, you will likely need to ship in a new company car.

Ship During Slow Times

Unlike private car buyers, company car owners have a bit more flexibility on when their new cars are delivered. While a private car buyer may be without a vehicle until the new one arrives, those who need to arrange company car assignments have a bit more flexibility. To that end, check with your car shipper on their slowest times of the year. You may be able to work out a steady process of shipping in February and avoid the rush of April.

Do make sure that you review the route your driver will need to take. On very specific routes, you may be able to ship by train for part of the transport, but only in the southeastern United States. If you buy company cars in southern Arizona, it may be simple to ship them to Georgia in winter but more of a challenge to get them to North Dakota in the snow.

Challenges for drivers that may impact the shipping rate you pay include seasonal weather concerns, as noted above. Other factors that may increase your rates include population density; dangers increase in high traffic. Topography may also have an impact on the fees you pay. Drivers who can haul cars over mountainous terrain may be harder to find.

Shop Auctions

Once you have a healthy relationship with your shipper, keep your eye out for great deals at auctions. The right car shipping companies can work with the seller to get your new car to your region with little fuss. Do your best to avoid working with multiple unknowns. If you have a car shipper that you are comfortable with, it may be less worrying to deal with a new auctioneer. If you know a mechanic in the region, being forced to use a different shipper may not be that much of a problem.

Do be aware that you may still need to cover the cost of a mechanical assessment. Car shippers can't relocate vehicles that drip or leak. However, there are car shippers that can move a vehicle when it's been drained. Since this includes towing and winching, there will be a higher cost in the loading and unloading process. However, the expense may well be worth it.

If you get a great deal on multiple cars of the same make and model, it may make sense to cover the cost of a storage unit or a secured lot where you can keep multiple vehicles locked up until shipping costs come down. There are many ways that you can get a great deal on a company car and pay discounted shipping.

Keep Things Light

Before shipping any car from your facility, make sure you fully review the contents. Check the trunk for unnecessary items. You can ship the spare and a jack, but most car shippers require you to lighten the car as much as possible and may charge more for added weight.

Make sure that you also check on the fuel requirements. Many car shippers cannot take a car that has more than 1/4 tank of fuel due to liability concerns. Fuel is also heavy and may increase the cost of your shipment. If you have to ship any vehicle at a heavier-than-empty load, make sure you notify your shipper before you arrange the transport.

If you are shipping company cars that also serve as rolling workshops or delivery vehicles, you may need to remove racking systems and toolboxes. Depending on the time this takes, you may find that it makes more sense to arrange to ship a heavier vehicle and pay any and all fees. You may also find that it makes more sense to drive the vehicle to the ultimate destination if there is a business to tend to along the way.

Connect With An Auto Dealership

Auto dealerships have the space and the curb clearances to easily move vehicles via over-the-road transport trucks. If you regularly need to ship cars and your car shipping company does business with a nearby dealership, you may be able to save transport time by taking your company car to that lot in preparation for shipping.

Of course, the dealership may require you to pay a fee to secure your car in their lot. To that end, carefully inspect the dealership.

  • Is the lot fenced?
  • Is the parking area well-lit?
  • Is there a security guard or a security camera monitoring system?

If you don't feel confident leaving your company car at the auto dealership, you may need to drop the car off at a secured lot managed by the shipper. Be aware that this lot may be less convenient in terms of schedule and distance.

Only Ship Cars In Good Repair

It is critical that you only ship cars that do not leak. Not only will a leaking car increase the risk of a catastrophic event, but your company car may damage another car on the carrier.

If you do buy a vehicle out of state, make sure you get it checked out by a mechanic to make sure that it leaves no drips or puddles prior to purchase. If it's a good enough deal, it may be worth the repair cost, but you can't ship it while it's leaking.

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You can also use this assessment when shipping vehicles out of your facility. If you notice drips or spots in your fleet parking lot, take the time to assess each vehicle for leaks before you determine which company or fleet vehicle you will ship.

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