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5 New EdTech Projects that Have Great Potential

Guest Post | Feb 4, 2023

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The Edtech industry has been booming for the last 2-3 years, gaining quite a prominence and helping billions of people worldwide. Education technology startups have been one of the educational industry's most influential and beneficial projects, revolutionizing education for good. Edtech projects are leading the education industry right now, with Edtech being 173% more googled in 2022 than in 2018.


Teachoo is an India-based Edtech project founded in 2014 and has been exploding lately in the market. Why is that? It is one of the best intelligent learning platforms offering many courses for English-speaking pupils worldwide. So what’s so exceptional about this project that separates it from all the others? Their content. Teachoo does not have overloaded content that overwhelms its students - instead, it's a highly organized project that ensures time-saving, holding great potential for learning efficiency.


Have you ever heard of massive open online courses (MOOC)? ELISON not only empowers your career and provides legitimate certification, but it also provides 100% free courses worldwide. It has about 25 million learners globally and provides academic education, training, and classes for skill improvement and whatnot. ELISON is an excellent platform for people globally, especially in underdeveloped countries, to learn and upskill faster, flawlessly, and more efficiently.

Upskills Tutor

Speaking of upskilling, Upskills Tutor is also one of the best leading Edtech platforms out there, revolutionizing education with over 90,000 tutors from around the world, 220,000 students utilizing it at the moment, with 115 000 reviews from real students adding to the hype of the platform. This USA-oriented website dominates the Edtech industry with its wide range of highly skilled tutors, the most secure payment methods, and the most significant response time with genuine ratings and feedback, securing students from every complexity that might come their way.


Valued at about $1 billion, the multiverse is one of the most exciting Edtech startups in the UK. its core purpose revolves around bridging the gap between apprentices and employers, which has transformed Edtech for good.  One of the things that set multiverse apart from other platforms is the option of securing one’s job by improving skills specific to it. It has over 19 significant investors with $400+ million in funds raised for it till today; it’s one of the most noteworthy Edtech projects to exist today.


Last but not least, being valued at about $3.5 billion at the beginning of the year 2022, Go student is Europe’s tech giant providing one-on-one remote tutoring connecting students and tutors globally. What sets it apart is not just the tailored specific-to-your-needs courses and schedules, but it's one of the best full-on homeschooling packages available for all ages and classes.

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EdTech is rising with its efficient, easily accessible, and convenient projects helping educate people worldwide today. Education solutions are always in high demand, and with such grand investors in projects like these, innovation and improvement are evergreen and taking place in real time.

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