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5 Techniques to Unite Remote Content Writing Teams

Guest Post | Amanda Dudley | Nov 17, 2020

Happy creator - 5 Techniques to Unite Remote Content Writing Teams

Nowadays, the way we work is being redefined. The days when companies had a physical space where employees showed up every day are giving way to modern approaches to work. Since COVID-19 came into the picture, many professionals now work from home.

Globally distributed teams are becoming the order of the day. Whether it is in the essay writing service industry or the design world, remote work is now the way to go. The fact that many content creation companies are adopting remote working conditions shows that there are several benefits to this approach.

But every good change comes with a few worries. One of the most prominent issues in this regard has to do with getting a team of individuals that have never met one another to work cohesively. The good news is that this article shares a few tricks to help content managers and team leaders better manage a remote team of content writers.

Content managers are advised to try out the techniques discussed in this article and use the ones that work for them.

Should Employers Consider a Remote Team of Content Writers?

Before discussing how to keep a remote writing team cohesive, employers should know if a remote writing team is ideal for their agency. There are a lot of gains in having a remote team of writers since if they go remote, there will be endless prospects to choose from as they will not be hindered by distance and geographical barriers.

If a company is based in the US, it can have the best writers from Europe, Africa, and elsewhere on its payroll. Having remote teams is also cheaper. Business owners operating a remote model do not have to rent a large office space, desks, setup lounges, etc.

If skeptical, business owners can start small. They can hire one remote content writer and monitor their progress. If impressed, they may slowly expand until they have entire teams based around the world. Afterward, the team will have to stay united to deliver content on a regular basis. Some basic techniques will help you, so let’s get started.

colleagues working by laptop - 5 Techniques to Unite Remote Content Writing Teams

Management Techniques for Uniting Remote Writing Teams

Clearly defining content goals

If employers and managers do not spell out the objectives they want to achieve to their remote writers, there is going to be a clash of interest somewhere. Writers will implement inconsistent writing styles. If a company has defined writing tones, target audience, or corporate message, the teams should know about it.

A good way to do this is to create a board or channel on the team’s preferred communication platform and post the content goals. Regularly informing the team of any updates to these goals is highly recommended.

Keeping communication pathways open

When the goals are defined, communication is the key to keeping the team informed. To manage out writers, a team leader needs to keep communication lines open. These writers need to be able to communicate with the people they report to and to each other.

The reason why this is working is because communication ensures that everyone understands what is required of them at every given time. It also helps managers detect budding friendships between writers and encourage them. A team with ties deeper than work provides will be more united than a team without these ties.

Giving everyone a sense of inclusion

Employees tend to be better team players when they feel as if they are part of a bigger picture. If they feel included and accepted by their teammates and managers, they will seek to pay it back in the quality of their work. Inclusion makes workers feel relaxed and important.

A good way to foster inclusivity in remote teams is to create regular team rituals. Setting up weekly discussions on leisurely topics or virtual hangout sessions can improve a team’s spirit. The team should be allowed to choose what they prefer.

Planning virtual competitions

A great way to boost interpersonal relationships in a remote team is to organize healthy virtual contests that give everyone a chance to compete. It is a great way to ensure shy team members step out of their cocoons.

Host games like The 30-second game, Charades, or any other mentally stimulating competitions and have everyone participate. It will break the ice between team members. Avoid competitions that make the writers compete based on their writing skills.

team work - 5 Techniques to Unite Remote Content Writing Teams

Assigning team members to be peer coaches to one another

When team morale is getting low, attentive content managers will know about it. They do not need to be in the same room to detect this. It will be evident in the productivity levels and communication patterns of the writers.

Assigning team members to one another to work as buddies and peer coaches will help reverse this. In this way, they are actively involved in rebuilding team spirit, instead of leaving it for management to handle. Another upside is that it helps writers bond while improving morale and team involvement.

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Hiring remote content writers is great, but it is not all rosy. As tough as it is to keep in-house writers working together without having fallouts, keeping remote writers united is more tasking. However, this must be taken care of if the writing agency hopes to continue delivering great content to its audience.

For content managers, these techniques may seem like a gateway to an entirely new role. After all, keeping writers united even with the distance barrier is part of human resource management. But with the tips outlined, team leaders can better guide remote content writers on the path to working as one for the good of the company.

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amanda dudley - 5 Techniques to Unite Remote Content Writing TeamsAmanda Dudley is a lecturer with a Ph.D. in History and a writer. She has always loved helping students with their essay writing projects. Her expertise goes past essays as she is grounded in most forms of academic writing.  She knows the current educational techniques and is a part-time essay writer at EssayUSA where she creates masterpieces for customers.


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