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5 Things An Abatement Professional Team Can Teach You About Asbestos

Guest Post | Sep 20, 2022

Asbestos abatement - 5 Things An Abatement Professional Team Can Teach You About AsbestosYoungsters probably don't know much about asbestos, but older people aren't as lucky. It's dangerous if you breathe the particles in once, so imagine all those workers who were in close contact with it every day.

You won't come into contact with it today, but it's still nice to know about it. Maybe there is something else out there that's a ticking time bomb, which we'll only find out about in a few years when it's too late.

1. Asbestos The Magic Mineral

If you ignore the fact asbestos is extremely dangerous, it's a useful mineral. It's very flexible, strong, and resistant to fire. Asbestos can also be woven, which allows it to be transformed into many things.

Everyone started calling it the magic mineral in the 19th century, so it had quite a run before we discovered its dangers. It's now banned in many countries worldwide because the risks far outweigh the rewards.

2. Kills Hundreds Of Thousands

What is asbestos abatement going to change? That's what some people think because it's still produced in many countries. It's not just small countries doing it: Russia, China, and Brazil mine large amounts of asbestos.

It's directly linked to around a hundred thousand deaths yearly, which will likely continue for a while. The only way we'll be able to eliminate asbestos forever is by agreeing to abolish it with every nation on earth.

3. It Was Used To Make Snow

People used to make crazy things with asbestos in the past. They found a way to turn it white, and everyone could throw it over each other like snow. It was inside talcum powder and cigarette filters.

Surgeons used it during surgeries while patients were lying on the table with their chests open. If you enjoy watching old movies, you'll see it regularly. An abatement professional team will feel queasy watching them.

4. It's Tied Directly To Cancer

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that strikes when you've been around asbestos for too long. It's bad in the UK, which has one of the worst rates anywhere. The country didn't ban asbestos until long after others took drastic measures.

Millions of people are applying for compensation today. It should help if you were exposed to it decades ago without being warned of the dangers. An abatement professional team would advise you to speak to a lawyer.

5. The First Death Was In 1924

The first asbestos-related death recorded in medical literature happened around one hundred years ago. Nellie Kershaw worked with asbestos in a factory for almost two decades before dying from pulmonary asbestosis.

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Employers didn't need to worry about employees a hundred years ago. Nellie didn't even get compensation because nobody recognized asbestos as evil, so she died with nothing. She isn't the only victim with a tragic story.

Don't Go Near It

You should call a professional if you find asbestos, but don't go anywhere near it. Nothing will get on your clothes if you stand a few meters away.

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