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7 Written Sections To Include In A Legal Service Agreement

Oct 20, 2022

Legal service agreement - 7 Written Sections To Include In A Legal Service Agreement

The contract you write that establishes the work your business will complete for a client must be written correctly and underpinned by legal documents. But how do you write a legal document for a service agreement? That’s what we will cover in this article. Sit tight and read the content below to find out.

What Is a Service Agreement, and Why Are Legal Documents Important?

Service Agreements are contracts between contractors and customers that enable the parties to record and establish terms of service. They are referred to as General Service Contracts, SLAs (service level agreements), or consulting service agreements.

Legal documents are critical for service agreements because such documents can fully enforce the service agreement and set out the parties’ intentions.

Which Methods Should You Use to Write a Legal Document for a Service Agreement?

A few steps are important when writing a legal document for a service agreement. Check out the steps outlined in the following sections to write a service agreement with minimal effort:

1.     Include a section on which parties are involved

The first step is naming the parties at the beginning of the service agreement. In this section, make sure you write the addresses of the parties and state the entity type of the business (which may be an LLC or a corporation).

2.     Describe the services that will be completed

In this section, you must be specific when describing the services that will be rendered. Don’t forget to list the specific resources, time taken, work required, and the quality of the output expected in this section.

3.     Include a section relating to the fees and schedule for payment

Fees and payment schedules might be hourly charges or monthly charges. They may be project-based or include expenses. Make sure you specify the payment schedule with these categories and mention how you expect to receive payment – whether by check or transfer.

4.     Liability section related to the project

Describe whether any party, whether that’s your business or your service provider, bears limited liability for completing any aspect of the project.

5.     Work alterations section

Include a section that establishes whether any party can change the work outlined. Also, describe the actions or processes required from both parties to make changes to the work mentioned.

6.     Include the date from which the contract is effective

Establish a date from which the contract is effective. This date will determine the starting date from which you and your customer must adhere to the contract terms. Don’t forget to include a schedule for the project work in this section.

7.     Include a signature section

Your service agreement must feature a section where your business and client can add their signatures. Remember that notarization can back up the signatures legally and ensure both parties are bound by the agreement.

What Are Service Contracts, and Why Are They Vital for Service Agreements?

Service contracts are legal documents on which you can write the terms of your contract and service agreement. They’re ideal for creating a legal record of the work and payment that the business and contractor agree to complete.

What makes service contracts vital is that they are verification documents that prevent any future disagreements over the work promised or the payment established.

Is There a Difference Between Service Agreements and Contracts?

Whereas a contract works as a law-enforced written agreement established between upwards of two people, a service agreement tends to be an informal agreement. You can enforce service agreements by law, but normally a contract has an outline that’s more formal than a contract.

In Which Other Situations Should You Write a Legal Document for a Service Agreement?

A couple of other situations when you may consider writing a legal document for a service agreement include reinforcing verbal agreements for service provisions or when you need to hire a service provider for your organization.

What Are Some Examples of Different Service Providers You May Hire?

A wide range of service providers offers a wide range of services for your business. Some examples include caterers, web programmers, contractor accountants, PR professionals, copywriters, and copy editors.

Writing a Legal Document for Service Agreements: What You Shouldn’t Forget

Writing a legal document for service agreements doesn’t have to be impossible.

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You shouldn’t forget the crucial sections to include in your service agreement legal document: from the services to the payment schedule to the liability section and the contract effective date, always structure your service agreement with the right information.

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