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A Future Day in the Life Of (Inspired by Accenture’s Human by Design)

AI Report | Jan 10, 2024

Accenture 2024 Tech Vision Human by design - A Future Day in the Life Of (Inspired by Accenture's Human by Design)

Accenture 2024 Tech Vision Human by design

Embracing Accenture's Technology 2024 Vision - Human by Design - A Future Day In The Life

Accenture's Technology Vision 2024, titled "Human by Design" (or read the full 90 page PDF report) presents a compelling future where technology becomes increasingly human-centric. This vision is not just a futuristic concept but a tangible reality that is reshaping businesses and personal lives.

  • The number of mentions of AI in earnings call transcripts increased by 6x since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, indicating the growing influence of AI in business discussions.
  • A global survey conducted by Accenture included 20,027 consumers and 3,450 C-level executives across 21 industries, highlighting the extensive research and diverse perspectives that inform these trends.

Key Trends & Insights

AI Becoming More Human: AI is evolving to reason and interact in more human-like ways, transforming from a tool for automation to an agent of augmentation. Generative AI and transformer models, like ChatGPT and Bard, are making technology more intuitive and accessible, democratizing specialized knowledge and skills. 95% of executives agree that making technology more human will massively expand opportunities across industries.  'A Match Made in AI' The transformation of business search models to more intuitive AI-driven advisors.

Spatial Computing: A new spatial computing medium is emerging, bridging the digital and physical worlds, and reflecting human presence in digital spaces.  'The Space We Need' The growth of spatial computing technology and its applications.

Understanding Human Intent: Technologies are getting better at understanding human intent, reducing the friction between human-machine interactions.  'Meet My Agent' The rise of AI agents capable of acting autonomously, demanding appropriate human oversight.

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Human-Centric Design: The focus is shifting towards creating technology that is intuitive by design, demonstrating human-like intelligence, and integrating seamlessly into our lives.  'Our Bodies Electronic' Advances in technologies like eye-tracking and brain-computer interfaces (BCI) for deeper human understanding.

Now let's imagine what a future 'day in the life of a millennial' might look like

Morning Routine:

6:30 AM: Wake-Up with AI Personal Assistant

  • Alex, a millennial, is gently woken up by his AI personal assistant, which has analyzed his sleep patterns and determined the optimal time for waking up. The assistant offers a summary of the day's weather, news, and personalized health tips based on his biometric data.

7:00 AM: Smart Home Interaction

  • As Alex gets ready, his smart home, powered by spatial computing, adjusts the lighting, temperature, and even the scent in the room to match his preferences, learned over time through human-centric AI.

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7:30 AM: AI-Driven Financial Optimization

  • Alex's day begins with a briefing from his AI financial advisor. This tool, leveraging blockchain and AI, analyzes his spending, investments, and the latest market trends to provide personalized financial advice. It suggests micro-investments in crypto and adjusts his portfolio based on real-time global financial data.
  • Smart Home Payments: As Alex prepares breakfast, his smart kitchen appliances automatically reorder supplies running low, executing micro-transactions using a blockchain-based platform for secure, transparent, and low-cost transactions.


8:00 AM: AI-Optimized Commuting

  • Alex's electric self-driving car, integrated with his calendar and real-time traffic data, suggests the quickest route to work. The car's interior adapts to his mood, playing his favorite music and setting up a virtual workspace for him to start his day.
  • Optionally, Alex's commute is powered by a decentralized transport system. He uses a blockchain-based app to book a ride, paying with digital tokens. The fare dynamically adjusts based on demand, traffic, and environmental factors, promoting sustainable commuting.

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9:00 AM: Decentralized Professional Network

  • At work, Alex accesses a blockchain-enabled professional platform where he earns tokens by contributing to collaborative projects. This platform uses AI to match his skills with global opportunities, breaking traditional employment boundaries.

12:00 PM: Smart Contract Lunch Orders

  • For lunch, Alex orders food using a smart contract that ensures his dietary preferences are met. Payment is released upon delivery confirmation, ensuring a seamless and trustless transaction.
  • Lunchtime involves a virtual meeting with global colleagues in a spatial computing environment, offering a realistic and interactive experience as if they were all in the same room.

Afternoon Tasks:

2:00 PM: AI-Powered Investment Trading and AI Learning

  • Alex takes a break to check his cryptocurrency investments. Using AI algorithms, his trading platform predicts market trends and suggests trades, executing them automatically when predefined conditions are met.
  • Alex takes a break to learn a new skill. Using an AI-powered learning platform, he receives personalized content that adapts to his learning style and pace.

4:00 PM: Blockchain Health Data Management

  • His health app, integrated with blockchain-based wearable device, using advanced biometrics, suggests a short walk and hydration for optimal health, aligning with his fitness goals.  It securely shares his fitness data with his insurance provider, adjusting his premiums in real-time based on his healthy lifestyle choices.

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Evening Leisure:

6:00 PM: Smart Shopping

  • On his way home, Alex visits a store where AI recommendations guide him to products suited to his tastes and dietary preferences, as learned from his past purchases and health data.

7:30 PM: Decentralized Social Media and NFT-Based Entertainment

  • Alex uses a blockchain-based social media platform that rewards users with tokens for content creation and curation, promoting a more equitable and user-driven online experience.
  • At home, Alex explores a virtual art gallery, purchasing a digital artwork as a non-fungible token (NFT). He displays it in his virtual home, viewable through his AR glasses.


9:00 PM: AI-Enhanced Personal Finance Review

  • Before bed, Alex reviews his finances on an app that uses AI to provide insights into his spending habits and suggests ways to optimize his savings and investments, including opportunities in emerging crypto markets.

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10:00 PM: AI Sleep Optimization and Token Rewards

  • As he goes to bed, his sleep optimization system, powered by AI, tracks his sleep patterns, quality, and preferences rewarding him with wellness tokens that can be used for health-related purchases or services.

Transforming Daily Life

In future day in the life of a millennial like Alex is seamlessly integrated with AI and human-centric technologies. This scenario, inspired by Accenture's Technology Vision 2024, showcases a future where technology is designed with a deep understanding of human needs and behaviors, making life more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable.

From personalized health and productivity enhancements to immersive entertainment and learning experiences, technology will continue to transform and integrate with every aspect of daily life.

Download the 90 page PDF report --> here

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