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A Strategy to Revolutionize Your Body

LinkedIn Reinvtenting Life by Deepak Chopra, MD | Sep 5, 2022

all intelligence is concsious - A Strategy to Revolutionize Your BodyHow not to think about your body

  • Many situations can be changed one small step at a time, but others require a complete transformation. This arises when a total misconception or practice needs to be overturned.
  • Without realizing it, almost everyone makes a similar drastic mistake regarding their bodies.  There isn’t enough incentive for people to realize that their bodies need to be totally transformed. Incremental change, after all, is hard enough.

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  • Yet the total misconception we operate from has reached an extreme, which I’d like to explain. The wrong ideas we have about our bodies run from the simplest to the most complex. Here’s a sample (Each of these notions is dead wrong, but as working assumptions, the whole scheme has worked well enough to lead to the remarkable state of modern medicine):
    • The body is a physical object like a star, cloud, or mountain.
    • It operates like a machine, in this case a machine made of flesh and blood.
    • The operations inside this machine obey the law of cause-and-effect, as all mechanical tings must.
    • The machine has a super-computer to manage all its intricacies, which is the brain.
  • There is no denying that the body is involved in all the following problems that are unsolved by modern medicine: allergies, depression, anxiety, general unhappiness, lack of emotional fulfillment, aging, and death. Since the brain is involved in everything we think, by extension the body is also involved in other unsolved problems stemming from prejudice, violence, toxic emotions, injustice, and all manner of inequality.

Strategy to transform the body

  • The solution is to find and use the source of intelligence from which all intelligence (intellectual, artistic, emotional, social, and bodily) emanates. By any measure there is a super-computer that governs the bodymind in thousands of interconnected ways, and besides pure computation, it feels, perceives, interprets, dreams, wishes, and loves.

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  • These are non-computational actions, so our super-computer cannot be the brain, whose entire working can be reduced to the chemical equivalent of computations, adding and subtracting charged ions that pass through the membrane of brain cells or jump the gap between two brain cells.
  • The transformative step that carries us to a solution is simple: recognize that all intelligence is conscious.

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