A Super Clever All-Purpose Arduino Shield, Immediately Breaks Kickstarter goal

TechCrunch | (@grg) | November 21, 2013

1Sheeld 300x223 - A Super Clever All-Purpose Arduino Shield, Immediately Breaks Kickstarter goalArduinos are a godsend for the DIY/Tinkerer community, but there's all sorts of stuff they just can't do out of the box. Sure, you can add tons of functionality via strap-on boards called "shields".. but those can get expensive quick. Want your Arduino project to be able to play sounds? That'll be $20. Internet connectivity? $50. GPS? Another $50.

At Disrupt Europe back in October, a 8-man team out of Egypt showed up and amazed to the point that they were plucked out of the exhibition hall and put on stage as audience choice. Their product? The 1Sheeld, a single shield that lets you replace all of those other shields with your smartphone. Today, that project went up on Kickstarter and almost immediately destroyed its fundraising goal.

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The idea is deceptively simple: when you're building things with Arduino, you want all sorts of sensors, inputs (like switches and sliders), and outputs (like screens and speakers.) Your smartphone already has tons of sensors in it. Your smartphone's touchscreen can act as a switch, or a slider, or a keypad. Your smartphone can display information, or playback sound. Why not let the smartphone be the shield? Enter 1Sheeld.

1Sheeld connects your Arduino to your smartphone (Android only, for now) to hook into its display, accelerometer, magnetometer, Wi-Fi, cellular connectivity, GPS, gyroscope, etc. Meanwhile, pre-provided shield templates allow your smartphone's display to emulate a switch, slider, keypad, or LCD display without you actually having to wire anything up. Running on your phone is a middle-man app, which passes the data back and forth (over Bluetooth) and lets you switch between the 1sheeld's myriad behaviors.

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