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a16z’s Moves into the Cloud ‘No Need for a Centralized HQ

TechCrunch | Mary Ann Azevedo | Aug 19, 2022

global cloud infrastructure - a16z’s Moves into the Cloud 'No Need for a Centralized HQLast month, Andreessen Horowitz — one of venture capital’s largest and most prominent players — announced that its “headquarters will be in the cloud” going forward.  Its new philosophy in this post-COVID era of remote work is that there is no longer a need for a centralized HQ. This philosophy extends to its fintech team.  I sat down (virtually, that is) with General Partners Angela Strange and Anish Acharya to learn more about why the pair believes that the fact that more people are working globally spells huge opportunity for fintech companies.

TC: Tell me what you think is the biggest change you’ve seen with regards to how companies are being built in this post-pandemic era.

Anish and Angela:

  • The idea now is that the company of the future, and the company of the present, will be global on Day One and the opportunity (for fintech companies) is to build all the infrastructure for that company to be able to operate and sell globally on Day One.
  • if we kind of unbundled Silicon Valley, of course, there’s a place — but then there’s Silicon Valley networks, Silicon Valley ambition, Silicon Valley capital markets and Silicon Valley talent, businesses, etc.…You can really take all of these ideas outside of Silicon Valley. That just had never happened before because of the network effects component. Between people being distributed globally and COVID catalyzing this change, it does feel like Silicon Valley is becoming unbundled.


TC: I think that’s an interesting point. It’s very complex though, right? When you talk about different countries, and as you mentioned, global money is very much a local thing. Every country, every region addresses it differently. And I think maybe that has intimidated some companies in the past.

Anish and Angela:

  • The difference is when you have a platform that can manage a lot of that for you, the idea is that the company just wouldn’t have to worry about it. Like what we saw a couple of years ago with global payment acceptance. A bunch of companies went out and made it really easy to accept payments using local payment methods in any country. If you had to identify and do all those integrations yourself, that was very difficult. But if you could use a single payment provider that provided that to you for a fee, then it suddenly becomes a lot less painful.

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