Sponsorship Opportunities



NCFA Canada is seeking a diverse range of sponsors to support our varied annual programs, events and initiatives and provide organizational governance to maintain standards, growth & impact and sustainability:

  • Fintech Leaders (industry stakeholders and participants across all fintech sectors)
  • Investors (retail, accredited, VCs, family offices, funding groups and syndicates, strategic private equity)
  • Legal and Accounting Firms
  • Financial Service providers
  • Academic Institutions, Educators and Researchers (Universities, Colleges, Innovation Centers)
  • Start-ups and Incubators
  • Technology and Marketing
  • Community Businesses and Local Chambers
  • Affiliate Groups and Associations

All selections regarding sponsorship or participation in specific events or programs will be subject to final approval by the NCFA Executive Committee.




  • Full membership privileges to all members of your organization
  • Opportunity to provide speaker/subject matter expert(s) at events, conferences and workshops
  • Opportunity to nominate a staff member to the NCFA Canada board of directors (when opening available)
  • Opportunity to nominate someone from your company to lead a committee for the NCFA Canada board of directors
  • Opportunity to provide thought leadership articles for publishing on NCFA Canada web site
  • Strategic introductions and facilitated meetings with members annd/or industry participants
  • Prepaid tickets to NCFA Canada meet-ups and other perks


  • Prominent placement of your logo and sponsorship level on the NCFA Canada website( linked to sponsor profile & your website), NCFA Canada letterhead and promotional emails and publications including whitepapers
  • Opportunity to distribute marketing materials at any NCFA Canada events, online LearningLab or local meet-ups
  • Opportunity to distribute follow up materials through NCFA Canada to any sponsored Luncheon, Seminar or meet-up event
  • Opportunity to host a new member networking session attended by new NCFA Canada members board members.  Event to be promoted with your logo on NCFA Canada materials



Help shape the Canadian Crowdfunding industry and be recognized for supporting:

  • A Unified National (international) Perspective and Voice
  • Canadian Innovation and Job Creation
  • Funding, Technology, Partner Services, Commercial infrastructure
  • Education, Regulations, Advocacy, Leadership and Support, Industry Stewardship
  • Emerging regulatory insights and policy formation



Please contact us to learn more at casano@ncfacanada.org

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