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AI Expert's Urgent Wake-Up Call: Unveiling the Silent Threat w/ Mo Gawdat
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Jun 22, 2023: In this episode, Peter H. Diamandis and Mo discuss the imminent question we’ve all been asking: do we need to save humanity from AI? Are we in danger? Mo Gawdat is a renowned entrepreneur, author, and advocate for happiness and well-being. With a background in engineering and technology, Gawdat has dedicated his career to exploring the intersection of happiness and human potential. As the former Chief Business Officer at Google [X], he played a pivotal role in developing moonshot projects aimed at solving some of the world's biggest challenges. Gawdat's insightful and transformative book, "Solve for Happy," has inspired countless individuals to reframe their perspectives and find joy in life's most challenging moments. Read Mo’s best-selling books:
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