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Video Interview: NCFA Canada and Matt McGrath of Optimize Capital Markets on Institutional Crowdfunding
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NCFA Canada hosts an interview video with Matthew McGrath, CEO/Founder of Optimize Capital Markets, an Institutional equity crowdfunding portal. Portals like Optimize Capital Markets are using crowdfunding to fund companies and ventures seeking early stage and growth capital ideally between $2-20M. In this video, we sit down with Matt Mcgrath from Optimize Capital Markets and find out how institutional crowdfunding is changing the way larger capital investments are being conducted. In Mr. Mcgrath’s words, Optimize Capital Markets are “Just in the first inning” of finding the potential of institutional crowdfunding, and they are cultivating many innovative and socially responsible projects in various sectors including clean tech and life sciences. To learn more visit: https://www.optimizecapitalmarkets.com/ https://ncfacanada.org/
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