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May 26, 2023: NFX: Rise of the AI Underground
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May 26, 2023: As part of our own recent AI hackathon, the NFX content team spent 48 hours going from house to house, office to office, talking with top founders about their work — what's hard, what's exciting, and what will never be the same again. What's really happening day in and day out at hacker houses and AI social clubs is electric and an entirely new way of thinking and building. This is the rise of the AI underground. Learn more at -
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  1. NCFA says:

    Hi Edward, thanks for your question. Please understand that NCFA is portal agnostic however check out the Canadian Crowdfunding Directory for a current list of portals all the best, CA

  2. Edward says:

    To look at your perspective on what would be the most appropriate site to source crowdfunding for health business related business venture.
    The funding is for development stage.


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