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EMDA Panel: Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context
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EMDA Canada Webcast: Crowdfunding in the Canadian Context and OM Exemption The first event will be a live webcast focused on Crowdfunding in the Canadian Context and OM Exemption. Join Sean Stanleigh, Editor of Report on Small Business, the Globe and Mail and other industry experts on April 8, 2013 at 4:30 pm EST. Find out the Crowdfunding trends worldwide, and how they impact the Canadian movement towards Crowdfunding. Learn what the regulators have proposed and how you can get involved in moving the Crowdfunding agenda forward.
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  1. NCFA says:

    Hi Edward, thanks for your question. Please understand that NCFA is portal agnostic however check out the Canadian Crowdfunding Directory for a current list of portals all the best, CA

  2. Edward says:

    To look at your perspective on what would be the most appropriate site to source crowdfunding for health business related business venture.
    The funding is for development stage.


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