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Google Hangout: Can Bitcoin Co-exist with Crowdfunding?
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Uploaded on Jul 2, 2014 This summer, the NCFA will be posting a series of Google Hangout discussions moderated by Gabe Nasr, our marketing intern from California. These discussions will be focused on different aspects relating to crowdfunding, to provide our members with valuable content and education. In our first edition of this series, we look at Bitcoin (which is a virtual, or cryptocurrency), and the potential it presents for crowdfunding. We chatted with Alastair Mitchell who runs a Bitcoin professional services group, and Albert Lin, an advisor and P2P lending researcher. In the video, we get into specifics about how Bitcoin functions, and how it can be used for crowdfunding portals. For more info:
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  1. NCFA says:

    Hi Edward, thanks for your question. Please understand that NCFA is portal agnostic however check out the Canadian Crowdfunding Directory for a current list of portals all the best, CA

  2. Edward says:

    To look at your perspective on what would be the most appropriate site to source crowdfunding for health business related business venture.
    The funding is for development stage.


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