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Bitcoin vs. Gold: Frank Holmes says this one will win the race
Category : Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
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CoinPayments - Off The Ledger Sep 22, 2021: Famed investor Frank Holmes has found success in gold, and most recently, in cryptocurrencies. He’s now getting ready for his next move. Tune in to find out what the HIVE Blockchain chairman is most excited for and why he thinks millennials are about to inherit trillions from baby boomers. 0:00 Intro 01:40 HIVE Blockchain: the world’s first publicly traded crypto-mining company 04:43 Understanding the “DNA of volatility” 06:40 Gold vs. Bitcoin: the “fear vs. greed” trade 12:11 How NFTs create a level playing field for the creative industry 13:30 HODL or spend? 17:30 El Salvador’s crypto scam 18:48 How the latest $1T infrastructure package will boost clean energy 20:53 The "metaverse" & the next evolution of money 24:24 How the “G7 cartel” is risking stifling crypto innovation 28:30 The current trends disrupting the financial industry 30:55 The future is high-performing data centers 34:31 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs Frank Holmes is the CEO of U.S. Global Investors and a thought leader in the precious metals and mining space. He recently found success in the world of blockchain and crypto mining, becoming the chairman of the first publicly traded crypto-mining company Hive Blockchain.
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