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Monzo CEO On Death Threats, Depression & Digital Banking Wars: Tom Blomfield
Category : Financial Technology
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The Diary Of A CEO: This weeks episode entitled 'Monzo CEO On Death Threats, Depression & Digital Banking Wars: Tom Blomfield' topics: 0:00 Intro 02:52 Why entrepreneurship? 06:04 What made you want to disrupt an industry? 16:32 Monzo & Starling rivalry 21:23 Starting Monzo 27:13 Wanting to be seen to be a success 33:59 What were the good times at Monzo? 39:07 What were the bad times at Mozo? 46:22 Was the business model of Monzo bad? 54:35 Leaving Monzo 59:08 Not sleeping because of the stress of the business 01:04:14 How was holding down a relationship while running the business? 01:07:47 The “red phone” in your bedroom 01:12:11 What was your life like outside of the business? 01:13:06 The road to leaving Monzo 01:20:29 The urge to go back 01:26:57 Death Threats 01:32:42 Enjoying the small things in life and relationships 01:35:34 Your purpose in life 01:36:49 Crypto currencies 01:39:51 The good things about being a CEO
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