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TOP 10 FinTech Predictions for 2019 | Global Financial Forum
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TOP 10 FinTech Predictions for 2019 | Global Financial Forum | Dubai and Beyond - April 22, 2019 Technology is revolutionising finance and the potential for it to transform the industry further is enormous. FinTech is turning traditional banking and investment on its head, questioning the wisdom of legacy systems and providing customers with choice, new features and above all else access. The promise of artificial intelligence and digitisation is limitless for banking and finance, bringing down the barriers to access and empowering people with more options. Three key emerging developments were forecast including the further growth of crypto assets, such as bitcoin; the tokenisation of existing assets on to a digital medium; and finally the emergence of new customers such as the currently unbanked, and other economic actors, including machines as part of the internet of things (IoT). Acknowledging the competitive threat of large technology firms such as Google, Amazon, Tencent and Alibaba, financial institutions are building on their core strengths to expand their technological eco system into new sectors. Technology is reinventing financial distribution systems and efficiencies which were previously limited by physical barriers. However, there are obstacles still to be overcome, not least in the regulation and supervision of these new digital systems, and also in reshaping a culture which has defined finance for many years. PANEL: TOMORROW’S INNOVATION TODAY MODERATOR: Yuri Bender Editor-in-Chief, PWM (Private Wealth Management), Financial Times Nicolas Cary Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Blockchain Jonathan Larsen Chief Innovation Officer, Ping An Group Navin Gupta Managing Director, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Ripple Pawel Stefanski Financial Services Sector Leader, Middle East & Africa, IBM
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