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Ant’s Global Payment Aggregator Now Has 1 Billion Users

TechCrunch | Rita Liao | Nov 4, 2022

Image Ant Group Alipay perks via GCash - Ant's Global Payment Aggregator Now Has 1 Billion UsersAfter trying for years to replicate the success of its QR code-enabled payments solution overseas, Ant Group seems to have finally found a path to scaling. Instead of going after end users, the Alibaba-affiliated fintech giant has been quietly forming partnerships with local payments providers in Asia.

  • Ant dubs the payments processing network Alipay+ to distinguish it from Alipay, its consumer-facing wallet that has become ubiquitous in China. Alipay+ has integrated with 15 payment methods, allowing its partnered merchants to reach over one billion consumers, Angel Zhao, president of international business at Ant Group, said during the Singapore Fintech Festival on Thursday.

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It’s built something akin to the Mastercard or Visa network for digital payments, allowing consumers to travel easily with their mobile wallet from home.

  • To create a network effect, Alipay+ has been busy onboarding merchants. It’s supporting over 2.5 million businesses around the world today.
    • A Filipino tourist visiting Japan, for instance, can pull up their GCash wallet and pay at a store that supports Alipay+ by scanning a QR code; they can also display their wallet’s QR code for the cashier to scan.
    • a traveler from South Korea can pay at the store with Kakao Pay
    • Malaysian tourist with Touch ‘n Go. All the while, Alipay+ has automatically calculated and done the currency conversion part.
    • As of today, Alipay+ has integrated with the following payments providers in Asia:
      • Akulaku Paylater (Indonesia)
      • Alipay (Mainland China)
      • AlipayHK (Hong Kong)
      • Boost (Malaysia)
      • The Bank of the Philippine Islands app (The Philippines)
      • Dana (Indonesia)
      • EZ-Linke Wallet (Singapore)
      • HelloMoney by Asia United Bank (The Philippines)
      • GCash (The Philippines)
      • Kakao Pay (South Korea)
      • Rabbit Line Pay (Thailand)
      • TrueMoney Wallet (Thailand)
      • Touch ‘n Go eWallet (Malaysia)


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  • China’s internet giants are never short of customer acquisition tactics: On the landing page of GCash, users can find an entry to a list of merchant deals provided that they pay with Alipay+. At Shein’s pop-up store in Manila, Alipay+ gives users a PHP 130 or $2 discount at checkout. Other Alipay+ partnering wallets across Asia have similarly incorporated these perks.

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