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Award-winning Investment App, Webull, Expands to Canada

Investing | Release | Jan 8, 2024

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Webull's entry into the Canadian market is poised to revolutionize the investment landscape

Webull Corporation has expanded its brokerage services to Canada through Webull Securities (Canada) Ltd. This expansion allows Canadian residents to trade both Canadian and US-listed equities. Webull Canada secured its authorization in November 2023 and is seen as a significant move to provide low-cost trading solutions to Canadian investors. The platform's state-of-the-art app offers market data, tools, analytics, and education for free, which is a major draw for users.

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Michael Constantino, CEO of Webull Securities (Canada) Limited:

"Webull's state-of-the-art app, driven by world class technology, offers market data, tools, analytics, and education for free and brings a low-cost trading solution right to your fingertips. We already have tens of thousands of Canadian users leveraging market data and analytics alone, so we are proud to bring the award-winning brokerage services to them and look forward to expanding our user base in Canada."

Hey Canadian Investors, Get Ready for Webull!

Webull, the investment app that's been making waves globally, has just landed in Canada, and it's a big deal for all you savvy Gen Z and Gen X traders out there. With over 40 million downloads worldwide, Webull isn't just another trading platform; it's a revolution in your investment journey.

What's the Buzz About?

  • Webull Canada is your new playground with over 10,000 stocks and ETFs. Whether you're into big names like Apple and Tesla or looking for something more niche, Webull's got your back.
  • For those who love diving into data, Webull offers advanced charts and indicators that are super intuitive. It's like having a financial analyst in your pocket.

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  • Get the lowdown on market trends with US Market Level 2 Quotes including Nasdaq Totalview (real-time insights). It's like having a crystal ball for the stock market, showing you the best bids and asks and even predicting opening and closing prices.  This feature offers the best 50 levels of bids and asks, along with forecasted opening and closing price information, giving traders a significant edge.
  • Webull's excellence in the investment field has not gone unnoticed. The platform has been recognized with several awards, including 'Best Brokerage App', 'Best Broker for Low-Cost Options Trading in 2022' and 'Best Investor Community in 2022'. In 2021, it was hailed as 'The Best Investment App', underscoring its commitment to providing top-notch services to its users.

So How Does Webull Compare with Wealthsimple

Target AudienceActive and experienced tradersBeginners and passive investors
Stocks & ETFsWide range, focusing on US and Canadian marketsAvailable, with a focus on simplicity
Trading FeesCommission-freeCommission-free for stocks and ETFs
Account MinimumsNo minimum balance requiredNo minimum for Trade; minimum for robo-advisor
Advanced ToolsAdvanced charts, technical indicatorsBasic tools on Trade; automated tools in robo-advisor
Market DataReal-time data and Level 2 quotesBasic real-time data
Mobile/Desktop AppRobust mobile app and desktop platformUser-friendly mobile app
Robo-AdvisorNot availableAvailable, with automated portfolio management
Crypto TradingNot typically offeredAvailable
Additional FeesFees for advanced data, margin tradingManagement fees for robo-advisor, currency conversion fees
Special FeaturesSuited for day trading and in-depth analysisAutomated rebalancing, dividend reinvesting in robo-advisor

In a nutshell, Webull targets more active and experienced traders with its advanced tools, while Wealthsimple caters to both beginners (with Wealthsimple Trade) and those seeking automated investment management (with its robo-advisor service).

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Webull is more focused on active trading, whereas Wealthsimple offers a broader range of services including automated investing and crypto trading. Both offer commission-free stock and ETF trading, but Wealthsimple's robo-advisor services come with management fees.


The launch of Webull in Canada is a game-changer for Canadian investors. With its extensive range of stocks and ETFs, advanced trading tools, and a track record of global success, Webull is set to become a key player in the Canadian investment scene. Canadian investors now have access to a platform that not only offers a wide range of investment options but also provides the tools and resources necessary for informed trading decisions.

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