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Bankruptcies in Canada Are Rising. Are Fintechs Listening?

Small Business | Jan 29, 2024

Corporate bankruptcies in Canada by month Trevortombe - Bankruptcies in Canada Are Rising. Are Fintechs Listening?

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Canadian businesses face an increasing trend in bankruptcies, signaling deep-rooted economic challenges and implications for the fintech industry.

As widely covered including The Hub, the Canadian business landscape has been experiencing a worrying trend in the rise of bankruptcies, particularly among small and medium enterprises.  Companies are exiting faster than new ones are being created.  Is this a healthy stint of survival of the fittest will make us all stronger or what can be done? This development, highlighted in recent reports around the repayment deadline of SME CEBA loans by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and CTV News, reflects deeper economic stress factors exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Importance for Fintech

Fintech firms, with their digital-first approach and innovative financial products, are well-positioned to assist businesses in managing their financial health. They can offer tailored solutions for debt management, cash flow optimization, and access to alternative funding sources. They also play an important role in financial education and advisory services, helping businesses make informed decisions during these uncertain times.

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  • Fintech firms are developing more responsive and flexible lending platforms to address the unique needs of struggling businesses.
  • There is an increasing trend of partnerships between fintech companies and traditional financial institutions to provide comprehensive support to businesses.
  • Some fintech companies are collaborating with government bodies to facilitate the distribution of aid and manage financial relief programs more efficiently.
  • Deployment of advanced financial tools like AI-driven analytics for better financial planning and risk assessment.


The rising trend of business bankruptcies in Canada is a huge issue that needs more than time to resolve.  As businesses struggle to survive hard and sobering  times, the role of fintech becomes increasingly vital in providing innovative, accessible, and efficient financial solutions.

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The collaboration between government, financial institutions, and fintech firms will be key in addressing this growing problem and ensuring the sustainability and growth of the Canadian business ecosystem.

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