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BDC Deck: The socially Conscious Consumer

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BDC | Nov 2013

BDC The Socially Conscious Consumer opps for entrepreneurs 300x224 - BDC Deck:  The socially Conscious ConsumerOverview:

Consumers are increasingly concerned about how their choices impact the environment, their local community and their own well-being. As such, they expect companies to be greener and more ethical, and to provide healthier, more "Canadian" products and services. Find out how your company can capitalize on these emerging consumer trends.

Today 3 trends characterize this shift and offer rich opportunities for entrepreneurs:  (1) Environmental and Social Concerns; (2) The 'Made in Canada' Advantage; (3) Health Consciousness.

The Opportunity...

  • Reorient products, services and business practices in line with the socially-conscious consumer.
  • Try to back up marketing claims with independent certification.  Claims with no backing can generate mistrust.
  • Make ecological, local and health concerns an integral part of your supply chain, R&D, etc..

Check out the deck hosted on the BDC website --> Now


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share save 171 16 - BDC Deck:  The socially Conscious Consumer

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