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Boarding Schools in Canada for Foreign Students

Guest Post | Jan 11, 2023

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Boarding schools in Canada – education information

Boarding schools in Canada represent the unique combination of traditions and progressive approach to education. Studying in Canadian schools opens the doors to the world's leading universities for graduates. Canada is consistently among the top leading countries in terms of public investment in secondary education and ranks 8th in the list of the best countries to live in. Favourable economic and social conditions, loyal migration policy and friendly attitude towards foreign students attract a large number of them every year.

Canada is a bilingual country. In many schools in Canada, the educational process is carried out in both English and French, but in most educational institutions, they still teach in the first language. English is much more common in Canadian universities, so this practice is convenient for foreign students who are fluent in the language for higher education. The exception is the French-speaking province of Quebec, in order to study at universities in which it is necessary to know French at a decent level.

The educational curriculum includes the study of foreign languages, natural sciences and humanities, mathematics, history, the basics of citizenship and law, as well as disciplines on human health. In the international ranking, Canadian schoolchildren rank 3rd in science and reading and 5th in mathematics.

Advantages of studying in the best schools in Canada

The main reasons why foreign students choose Canadian schools are safety, a progressive approach to learning and a high level of preparation for admission to universities. The Canadian educational system is not inferior in quality to the American or British, but it is more accessible.

Additionally, the foreign students note the comfortable living conditions. As a rule, the boarding schools in Canada occupy vast territories among forests, mountains and lakes.

According to research, 100% of the students in Canada successfully enrol in universities. Despite the fact that the Canadian diploma is highly valued not only within the country, but also around the world, many students prefer to live and work in Canada, where specialists in various fields are required.

Boarding schools in Canada for foreign students – specifics of studying

The boarding schools in Canada practice modern approach to studying; in the studying process the latest techniques and high computer technologies are used. The educational system is similar to the British one and consists of three main stages:

  • Primary school
  • Middle school
  • High school.

Schoolchildren study for 12 years. In elementary grades, students receive a general versatile development, begin to study basic subjects. In middle and high school, students undergo effective preparation for admission to universities, choosing the disciplines they need for their future specialization.

Many schools in Canada provide studying in the popular Advanced Placement program. The curriculum includes the study of 2 academic subjects at an advanced level; and in total more than 30 disciplines are included in the list. The AP certificate obtained by graduates in Canadian schools is accepted by leading universities in the USA and the rest of the world.

Extracurricular program in boarding schools in Canada

All schools in Canada have excellent facilities, allowing students to develop their abilities and talents in various fields:

  • Sports sections,
  • Creative circles,
  • Scientific direction
  • Student fraternities,
  • Volunteer associations,
  • Religious groups, etc.

Various leisure activities, interesting and informative hikes and excursions, visits to local attractions are also organized for foreign students.

In Canadian schools, it is widely practiced to draw up an individual curriculum for children, which comprehensively takes into account their inclinations and abilities. This practice helps students to be more focused, involved, which significantly increases academic success. A small number of students in classes, professionalism and experience of the teaching staff allow to achieve goals.

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All rooms in residential buildings have modern furniture, computer rooms for self-preparation, recreation areas, children are fed delicious and balanced meals in a spacious dining room. In their free time, students attend leisure activities, engage in clubs and sections of their choice.

TOP boarding schools in Canada fees for international students

The cost of studying in Canada depends on what type of educational institution will be chosen for the future student. If a high school student attends a public school, the costs usually range from 12 to 14 thousand Canadian dollars per year. This amount includes only the cost of studying, accommodation in the host family must be paid separately.

Full—time education in a boarding school in Canada will cost more, accounting for 23 thousand Canadian dollars per year. If you choose a full board option for a child, the total cost will be from 35 to 45 thousand Canadian dollars per year.

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