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BoC Consultation: Draft Supervisory Guidelines for PSPs

BoC Payments Consultation | Feb 21, 2024

Digital Canada - BoC Consultation: Draft Supervisory Guidelines for PSPs

Seeking Feedback: Bank of Canada Drafts Supervisory Guidelines for Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

The Bank of Canada has recently announced a consultation phase for its draft supervisory guidelines under the Retail Payment Activities Act and its regulations. This legislative framework requires PSPs registered with the Bank of Canada to adhere to specific operational standards, including the management of operational risks, incident response protocols, safeguarding of end-user funds, and mandatory reporting of certain incidents and significant changes to the Bank.  These requirements are set to take effect on September 8, 2025.

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The draft supervisory guidelines prepared by the Bank of Canada delineate the Bank's expectations for PSPs in meeting these obligations. The guidelines are designed to ensure that PSPs operate in a manner that is safe, efficient, and in the best interest of their end-users. They cover a broad spectrum of operational and risk management practices that PSPs are expected to implement.

Your Input Is Required

This consultation represents a critical opportunity for stakeholders within the fintech and payment sectors to review the proposed guidelines and provide feedback. The Bank of Canada is seeking input on how these guidelines can be refined and improved to better serve both the industry and the consumers who rely on these services.

We encourage all NCFA members and stakeholders to participate in this consultation process. Your insights and expertise are invaluable in shaping a regulatory environment that supports innovation while ensuring the safety and integrity of payment services in Canada.

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To participate, please visit the Bank of Canada's website to read the draft guidelines and share your feedback and contribute to a dialogue that will help shape the future of payment services regulation in Canada.

This is an important moment for the fintech community to come together and ensure that the regulatory framework aligns with the realities of modern payment services and the needs of consumers. Let's make our voices heard and contribute to the development of guidelines that promote a secure, competitive, and innovative financial services sector.  For more information, please visit the website and learn more about the Retail Payments Supervision Consultation.

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