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Brim Financial Announces $85 Million Series C to Expand

Financing | April 8, 2024

Brim Financial's $85M Boost Sets Stage for Fintech Expansion

Brim Financial, a Toronto-based credit card platform and payment automation pioneer, has announced an impressive $85 million Series C funding to help Brim's aggressive expansion into the U.S. market and beyond.

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  • Spearheaded by EDC Investments, the $85 million Series C funding includes key participants like Vistara Growth, White Owl Group, pic Ventures, and Zions Bank. This funding is a testament to Brim's significant revenue growth, market share increase, and expansion into new segments.
  • Brim’s modular platform and scalable product suite have set new benchmarks in financial technology, enabling partners to significantly reduce market entry time while minimizing costs and challenges associated with developing advanced capabilities.
  • Since its Series B round, Brim has forged transformative partnerships with Mastercard and TrueNorth, integrating open banking capabilities and launching its Credit Card-as-a-Service (PaaS) to banks and major brands like Air France-KLM, enhancing the fintech infrastructure in North America.
  • Brim's ascent as one of the fastest-growing enterprise technology companies has been confirmed by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™ in North America, with its Credit-Card-as-a-Service heralded for outstanding product capabilities.

Rasha Katabi, CEO and Founder of Brim:

“This funding will accelerate Brim’s growth and fuel our international expansion. We will continue to execute on our robust product roadmap, focus on platform automation, and integrate open banking capabilities. Brim aims to redefine the credit card and payment infrastructure landscape and empower our customers to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.”

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Open Banking Integration

By leveraging open banking APIs, Brim aims to enhance the flexibility, efficiency, and personalization of its credit card and payment infrastructure offerings. This integration allows for a seamless exchange of financial data between Brim’s platform and other financial institutions, under user consent, enabling a host of innovative features:

  • Customers can expect more personalized credit card offers and payment solutions tailored to their financial behavior and needs. This could include dynamic interest rates, rewards programs based on spending habits, and instant credit adjustments.
  • With access to a comprehensive view of their financial data across multiple institutions, users can better manage their finances directly from Brim’s platform. This might involve tracking spending, setting budget goals, and receiving insights on financial health.
  • The integration can streamline the credit approval process by providing lenders with a more holistic view of an applicant's financial situation, potentially leading to faster credit decisions and more competitive lending rates.

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  • Brim can introduce innovative payment solutions that utilize financial data to offer more efficient ways to pay and transfer money. This could include real-time payments, lower transaction fees, and improved security features.
  • Open banking opens the door for Brim to expand its suite of financial services, potentially offering investment advice, savings products, and insurance, all personalized based on the user’s financial data.


The Series C funding of Brim Financial is a significant indicator of the fintech sector's vitality and Brim's potential trajectory towards innovative disruption. Brim Financial's integration of open banking is set to make credit card and payment services more accessible, customizable, and aligned with individual financial goals, thus redefining the credit card and payment infrastructure landscape for the better.

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