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Business Review Writing Assistance: Free or Paid

Guest Post | May 24, 2022

Content generation writing tools - Business Review Writing Assistance: Free or Paid

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Getting a business review running might be exhausting enough. But there comes also a part when you need to write things down for your presentation, which is an additional challenge. To alleviate this task for you, we have compiled a list of the best online tools for writing business reviews. Some of them are free and some expect you to invest your finances in your writing assistance tool. Check them out and make your decision on which type of writing assistant is the best for your business reviews.

Free writing tools


This invaluable tool comes in handy for any type of written work. You can install it as a desktop app, or browser add-on, integrate it into Word, or access the tool directly on the Grammarly website. It checks your grammar and suggests a better way to put your sentences without sounding wordy. Running your text through Grammarly or a similar grammar-checking tool is a must for any professional document. Even if you feel confident about your writing skills, there is still a possibility to misspell a word or use a wrong article. Grammarly will catch these for free and even suggest you a proper writing tone.


This free-to-use writing tool is very similar to Google Docs, but has several advantages over it:

  • An internet connection failure won’t interrupt your work because the tool fluently switches between online and offline modes.
  • You can easily share your document with your teammates and overview the workflow from a dashboard that collects progress info on the team’s writing.
  • Zoho has its own free grammar checker that would help you catch errors and suggest a better writing tone for your specific goal.

You can get this tool working on any browser, Android or IOS. The only downside of it is an outdated interface that you’ll need to get used to.


This marvel of engineering literally writes text for you. All you need to do is to write the first sentence, and the AI will continue your thought indefinitely. It may sound like cheating, but it really does its work well. You can direct the AI by typing a command that would make it rephrase or expand a paragraph. ShortlyAI is a great tool for writing speeches or filling your presentation points with clarification. The tool is free, but there is a premium plan that could be paid per month or annually with the first two months for free.

Paid writing tools


This superb tool is costly but has a range of features that easily put it above all others. Jasper is a writing assistant that can generate text that would sound genuine, and do it in more than 25 languages. Its interface is intuitive and works on any platform - computer or mobile. Use it to make your business reviews sound professional and clear.


This assistant works similarly to Grammarly but has some additional features. The main appeal of this tool is its team-oriented work. You can use it to create a solid voice for your company across your employees. If you are seeking to make your presentations and business reviews sound unique and consistent across the workspace, the Writer tool is for you. It catches grammar mistakes and helps to break up unclear sentences. You can install it as an add-on to MS Word, or open an online Writer editor. There is a free month trial that follows by an affordable paid subscription.


This grammar checker is a blessing for all who struggle with enriching their texts with synonyms. You can get it for free as a Chrome extension, but the full editor is available only to those who are ready to pay its steep price. Nevertheless, you will get a professional editing tool that you could integrate into just about any office writing app. ProWritingAid will not only point out your writing mistakes but also will level up your general literary skills by serving as a writing coach.


Is a text-generating tool that would guide you through the entire process. It has an invaluable feature of generating titles, outlines and meta descriptions, and other things that essay writers usually have to do manually. Of course, only human effort can provide the best titles.

Bottom line

Writing assistance tools can be beneficial for your business reviews for many reasons. Use them for brainstorming ideas for your presentation, writing an intro, or conclusions, and generating memorable headlines. Writing tools can significantly improve your business report, and using a grammar check should be a prerequisite for any writing work. You can install them as business apps on your phone or as extensions to the computer programs that would always assist you while you write. The key decision here is whether you want a free tool, or would like to invest money in order to make your business reviews sound more professional.

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