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Business Solutions For A Better Hiring Process

Guest Post | Oct 25, 2022

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Recent world events have radically changed what you can expect of your employees. It also gives you the flexibility to hire employees from around the world. Determining whether or not you want an in-person employee or a remote employee is just one step in finding the right person.

Define Your Targets

What is causing you the most heartburn? Do you need employees with better skills, higher training certifications, or more flexibility? Is your industry facing greater technological pressures? Do you need people who know this new tech well enough to do it, or do you need them to teach your current employees?

The managers who will be working with these new employees will need to be included in creating this list. This is also a good time to check in with your current employees about what is working and what is not functioning well. If you are concerned about losing skilled employees to quiet quitting, it's time to check in with the folks who have lowered their involvement within your organization.

Take Your Time

Rushing to hire is never a positive choice. Bringing on the wrong person can lead to a toxic environment; whether you need staff because you're growing or if you're replacing a retiree, getting the best person with a wonderful attitude can actually boost the positive experiences of your long-term employees.

The benefit of bringing on temp services in Tulsa or other areas you do business can be more than just extra help. Not only can you protect the energy of your current employees, but you can actually help them build leadership skills. As you watch your current employees grow, you can prepare your next group of leaders in your organization.

Create A Clear Job Description

Your job description should include requirements specific to your industry, such as

  • seasonal hours
  • required overtime
  • regular training updates

If your business is remotely tied to retail, December is a known concern. The back-to-school season may be something you need to cover. Making sure your entire staff is aware of those extra hours requirements is key to keeping folks happy.

If you can offer any flexibility to your employees with regard to schedule, it may make more sense to offer that to senior employees. For example, you may be able to allow some employees to work from home. Offering that to new employees first (if the job doesn't specifically include it) may be problematic.

Spread The Flexibility

Many employers who have a nationwide presence have employees who need to log in early. If it would be beneficial to alter your employee schedules, making those changes during a big hiring push can be extremely helpful. For example, you may be able to offer employees who never leave for lunch the chance to work a straight 10 to 6. Employees who need to pick up children after school could work from 6:30 to 2:30 or 3:30 with a lunch break.

To make this especially effective, make sure you post this option and give employees a deadline. For working parents or those working an extra part-time job, changing up their schedule will take some discussion. First come first served will likely have to be the way that you assign people to these new shifts.

Not only can you serve customers in different time zones more effectively, but you can lower a load of people in the office all at the same time. You may be able to downsize offices, rearrange your space for better gathering options, or create more conference rooms for meeting with clients.

Review Regularly

If specific certifications are required for your industry, you can start the screening process based on those requirements. Other screening factors include

  • degree
  • work experience
  • appropriate test results

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Do your best to review incoming applications weekly, preferably early in the day. Decision fatigue is a real concern when studying applications and resumes; if your day has been hard you may struggle to make decisions between candidates. Put a fresh brain on it early in the day.

Being able to bulk up your workforce quickly is a different process than making permanent hiring choices. If you need temporary workers for a rush, keep an eye on them and get feedback from your employees leading those teams about possible offers for full-time work.

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