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Can Liquid Avatar end fake COVID vaccine cards?

Liquid Avatar Technologies | Cara Buckspan | Aug 11, 2021

Covid vaccine card - Can Liquid Avatar end fake COVID vaccine cards?New Technology from Liquid Avatar Provides Digital Verifiable Credentials for Covid-19 Testing

Toronto, Canada - TheNewswire - August 11, 2021 -Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. (CSE:LQID) / (OTC:LQAVF) / FRA:4T51) / (CNSX:LQID.CN) Liquid Avatar Technologies, a global blockchain, digital identity and fintech solutions company, today announces that the Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credential Ecosystem (“LAVCE”) available as a first Canadian effort, and an early global leader, to provide true blockchain-enabled, W3C compliant, digital identity-verified COVID-19 testing confirmation with Ontario licensed laboratory healthcare verification organization, Vector Laboratories (“Vector Labs”).

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LAVCE enables people to share the results of a COVID test in a way that preserves their privacy and prevents fraud. The LAVCE platform can be integrated with healthcare facilities, testing labs, government agencies, schools, sports arenas, transportation, trade shows, and workplaces to confirm health status and assist efforts to reduce new outbreaks.

“We all need to find a safe way through the pandemic together,” said David Lucatch, CEO—Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc., “one that works for people by respecting their privacy, and one that works for government, healthcare, and business by providing the trust and certainty that a test result or vaccination is valid.”

“Decentralized identity is the safest way forward for proving any kind of test result: It’s easy to implement, easy to use, and flexible to accommodate any situation, including the need for repeated testing and updated standards and rules,”  said Lucatch, “It’s also a privacy and security gamechanger, because there’s no need for a third party to access private health data to prove a test result is valid and from a trusted source. That’s huge. That solves the compliance problem"

We have worked diligently to develop this solution with licensed health care testing laboratories, companies, partners, and organizations that are at the forefront of the data privacy revolution, and we’re excited to be the first to give Canadians a technology that will serve their needs and help to support people getting back to their normal lives and beyond.”

While this solution has a wide range of commercial, government and healthcare applications, Liquid Avatar Technologies is first launching this initiative in partnership with Vector Labs, a leading health verification organization. LAVCE will use Vector Labs’ flagship product, Vector Perimeter System, to deliver state-of-the-art technologies that enable people to monitor their health in real time, and digital identity software co-developed with, a global leader in decentralized identity networks and software.

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LAVCE will provide people with digitally verifiable COVID test credentials that they use to prove their test results as needed to travel, enter facilities, and even support vaccination credentials. These are kept secure and safe through facial recognition and other future biometric controls inside a downloadable digital wallet app.

LAVCE’s verifiable credentials will be supported by the Indicio Network, a global blockchain network for decentralized identity services, of which Liquid Avatar Technologies is a founding member. This technology can also provide a template for managing vaccination records and it aligns with the Good Health Pass initiative, which Liquid Avatar Technologies is also a member, to provide common standards for interoperability across different jurisdictions.

“Vector Labs is committed to supporting all levels of government and industry for the healthy return to everyday activities,” said Rob Godfrey, President and CEO of Vector Labs.

“Working with Liquid Avatar Technologies and the implementation of digital wallets and verifiable credentials for COVID-19 through the LAVCE enables Vector Labs to support public safety, trust and privacy.”


“Liquid Avatar’s position as a driver of technology innovation and Vector Health’s leadership makes them a natural partner for us,” said Heather Dahl, Indicio’s CEO. “We share a vision that is rooted in the ‘build’ philosophy. All of our companies believe strongly that this deployment of a verifiable credential ecosystem will deliver immediate support to those businesses and communities recovering from the pandemic while helping keep people safe.”

Both Liquid Avatar Technologies and Indicio are founding and steering committee members  of Cardea, a Linux Foundation Public Health initiative to promote secure, privacy-preserving sharing of health status data in an interoperable way. By adhering to standard schemas and protocols, it allows those using the LAVCE to present health status credentials to those organizations around the world who also support Cardea and its partners.

For health credential holders, the Company offers users its unique mobile app for users to create their own digital wallet, and to manage and control their personal data at no cost. Through a simple but rigorous process that includes biometric and traditional identity validation solutions, users can access a verifiable credential issued to them and use credentials for a host of activities. The Liquid Avatar Mobile App launched in February 2020 and based on user feedback, an updated version of the Liquid Avatar mobile app is in development and is expected to launch in September.

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For credential issuers and verifiers, the LAVCE platform is available via a cost-effective SaaS subscription, creating an affordable and easy way to implement solutions to support the issuance and verification of digital health and other verifiable credentials. The Company is in discussion with a wide range of organizations about possible future implementations.

To encourage future adoption, Liquid Avatar will also offer a software development kit (SDK) for both iOS and Android that can be embedded in, and power apps corporate and government portals, and other solutions to make it possible for all types of organizations to support digital wallets and verifiable credentials easily and effectively.

“In many ways, the idea of decentralized identity is very socially responsible,” said Lucatch. It’s about coming together as a community to solve common problems in a commonsense way that respects everyone. It’s about consent, fairness, privacy, and protection.  We’re proud to part of emerging solutions that supports the great work done by government, industry, the scientific community, healthcare and frontline workers as we are challenged by a changing health environment.”

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