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Canada’s Competition Consultation Continues (thanks Senator Colin Deacon)

Senator Colin Deacon | Jul 17, 2022

Monopoly - Canada's Competition Consultation Continues (thanks Senator Colin Deacon)

In a continuing effort to ensure Canada has an effective and impactful competition law framework, Senator Wetson initiated a consultation to promote additional dialogue on paths forward for Canadian competition law in October 2021. This consultation was intended to inform future parliamentary consideration of the Competition Act in which he hoped to engage.

To stimulate this discussion, he commissioned a consultation paper during the summer of 2021 entitled Examining the Canadian Competition Act in the Digital Era, written by Professor Ed Iacobucci, former Dean of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. The paper was widely distributed to stakeholders.

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Recent years have witnessed a major digital transformation in the economy. These developments have corresponded with a greater interest in competition policy, and commentators in Canada and around the world have debated the merits of competition law reform in numerous areas.  Building on this attention and focus, this consultation was intended to determine whether Canada’s competition policy framework, and the Competition Act in particular, remain appropriate in the digital age.

We invite you to review the consultation paper, its executive summary, a letter to stakeholders, the submissions received, and Senator Wetston's final commentary. Further developments related to this consultation initiative will be posted here.

Whatever is ultimately chosen, the emergence of digital markets, and the emergence of new economic and political concerns associated with competition policy, have put greater importance on amending the Act to clarify its purpose.

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