Canadian Crowdfunding site Scolaris lets your friends pay your tuition


Crowdfunded Academic Scholarships

by Stephen Hui on October 18, 2012

Tired of racking up student-loan debt or working evenings and weekends to pay for your postsecondary education?

You might want to check out Scolaris. Developed by the Toronto-based Mauleesan Corporation, Scolaris is billed as the first "personal scholarship fundraising platform" in Canada.

This new Kickstarter for Canadian students allows users to raise cash to pay for their tuition or, if they've already graduated, cover their student debt, by harnessing their social networks. Scolaris makes money by charging eight percent plus 30 cents on each transaction.

Many of us are already bombarded by requests—some welcome, some annoying—from Facebook friends to fund their music, film, video-game, and advocacy projects via crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo. If Scolaris catches on, expect a few more requests from your university-bound friends.