Canadian Starting Trends launches world’s first geo-location-based global crowdfunding directory

Starting Trends  |  Posted by Daryl Burma  |  May 22, 2013

Crowdfunding Directory 300x165 - Canadian Starting Trends launches world's first geo-location-based global crowdfunding directory

Canadian Starting Trends launches the world’s first geo-location-based global crowdfunding directory and 411 search site. With, you can quickly and easily narrow down your search based on keywords, category and location.

We’ve spent the past couple of years building up our crowdfunding directory which has helped connect a lot of people with funding portals & various crowdfunding companies that suit their needs. However, with the crowdfunding industry growing so fast worldwide we knew our directory could be improved and that we could make it even easier for people to find the type of business, funding portal, product or service they’re looking for and that’s exactly what does.

With you can quickly and easily narrow down your search based on keywords, category and location. For example, if you’re looking for a donation based funding portal in the UK geared towards mobile app development or an equity based funding portal for real estate in Chicago this advanced new directory and search engine will enable people to do that.

Probably the most useful tool of this new directory is it’s geo-location based search functionality. Darryl Burma, NCFA Canada member continues by saying:

Even without the geo-location based feature our new crowdfunding business directory is a lot more advanced and easier to search & navigate. With the addition of a global geo-location based search option it just takes the service to a whole new level and allows people to search for a crowdfunding business or service within 1 to 300km of their location.

Nowadays a lot interactivity and communication is done online but even in this digital world some people still prefer meeting with others face-to-face or dealing with businesses in their area. Not only do people typically have more peace of mind when dealing with companies close by in their area, in some situations people prefer to conduct business in person when it comes to say something like crowdfunding consultation for example.

The goal of this enhanced & first of its kind crowdfunding business directory is to connect people with companies quicker and easier than ever before. We want it to be an ultimate portal where individuals can find the “who’s who” of the crowdfunding business & services world in order for them to get their needs met quicker by companies that are well known & trusted. At some point we plan to develop an advanced mobile app for the new service as well so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Another added bonus is the ratings & review feature. Visitors can leave custom reviews about their experiences with particular companies in the directory. This will help add even more value to both the companies that are listed as well as the individuals who use the service to find trusted companies to conduct business with.

To learn more, check out the new site at Add your listing and get your company on the map today!

Source:  Starting Trends