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Casino security in Canada

Jan 25, 2024

Security - Casino security in Canada

The recent relaxation of gambling laws in Canada has reflected a changing cultural attitude towards a once frowned upon activity. Today, gambling online is perceived as a fun and relaxing way to spend your leisure time, all with the added bonus of potentially winning some money.

Reports estimate that the online casinos market in Canada will reach revenues of US$2.61bn by the end of 2024. Industry projections expect the sector to expand even further with revenues of approximately US$3.35 billion by 2028.

The number of users in the online casinos market is rising too and estimated to reach over 15 million users by 2028. That’s a user penetration rate of 38.4%, and yet more proof of Canada’s booming gambling market.

Growth factors

Relaxed gambling laws and changes in cultural attitudes have played their part in growing the market, but technology is the driving force behind this impressive growth. The proliferation of smartphones, improved internet speed and connectivity, better graphics, and more immersive, advanced games, have all combined to grow the market.


Market growth has seen an increase in competition as more online operators look to get a piece of the action. However, it’s important that players ensure they only use reputable sites before parting with their financial and personal details. For a reliable list of operators, you can find an online casino at casino en linge quebec.

Casino security

One of the most important things that players need to check before they sign up to any online platform is how secure the site is. Do not be persuaded to part with your details by the most expensive looking website or the promise of free games and bonuses. Instead, here some of the main things you need to look out for:

Secure Sockets Layers (SSL)

The very first thing to look out for on any site is SSL encryption. All reputable online casinos will use this software to ensure their player details are safe and secure. SSL encryption is used globally and is seen on multiple bank and shopping sites too, and is widely regarded as the best and most secure technology currently available.

Gaming License

All reputable casino sites will be licenced and regulated by a trusted government agency. Most sites will proudly display their registration number and licence on their website and can easily be checked with the appropriate government agency.

Data Protection

Online casinos should have an extensive privacy policy for players transparency. Be sure to check the site also but meets the local legal gambling laws.

Personal Security

The safest sites will insist on a two-factor authentication to ensure player details are as safe as possible. providing ID and age verification documents are also the sign of a reputable site that is taking its responsibilities to customers seriously.

Secure payment methods

When depositing money, ensure your chosen operator uses reputable and well-known providers. There are several possibilities available such as Visa, Mastercard, Pay by Mobile, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. While some operators may offer Bitcoin and cryptocurrency options too.


Should you be lucky enough to win some money at the casino you will probably want to withdraw it to your bank account. The best casino sites make withdrawing your cash quick and simple, with no delays or conditions attached to returning it.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

All trusted casino operators will display their RNGs on their site for players to check out. RNG’s ensure all games are fair and that numbers are generated completely at random, thus minimising the risk of cheating by the house.

Internationally recognised independent testing organisations such as eCOGRA,  specialise in the evaluation, inspection, and certification of online gambling software and systems, ensuring player protection, transparency, and a fair gaming experience.

Player reviews

There are lots of sites online that provide customer reviews of online casino sites, providing an honest and unbiased view of the different sites available. Here you can check out any concerns over a site’s legality, technical issues, security, and more.

Customer service

It’s common for issues to occur on any website and online casinos are no different. Customers can often have questions that need answering or require assistance on certain matters. The best online operators will usually boast a customer service team that is responsive and polite and works quickly to resolve any questions or issues that customers may have.

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Sites to avoid have a customer service team that is hard to get hold of, slow to respond, impolite, and unable to deal with common problems. Make sure the site you choose not only has round the clock support but multiple ways to access their customer support including chat, email, and phone.

Staying safe online

Online gaming is more popular than ever and with the added confidence that their online casino is reputable, players can relax and enjoy their game time knowing their financial and personal details are safe and secure.

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