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CB Insights: Metaverse stack and companies making it a reality

CB Insights | Apr 13, 2022

Metaverse stack and building companies - CB Insights: Metaverse stack and companies making it a reality

The business world is obsessed with “the metaverse”: the concept of shared worlds driven by virtual products and digital experiences that are highly immersive and interactive.  While the space is still in early days, the longer-term implications may not be trivial. Some users — especially younger ones — may eventually earn, spend, and invest most of their money in digital worlds. The metaverse could represent a $1T market by the end of the decade

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The metaverse is a vision, not a specific technology. For enterprises, this ambiguity can make it challenging to figure out how to tap into the emerging trends the metaverse represents.  Below, we provide a framework to navigate this evolving topic by breaking down the metaverse into distinct technological layers and highlighting the key vendors set on making the metaverse a reality.

Infrastructure (network & computing) 

The metaverse requires compute and processing infrastructure that can support both big data flows and low latency. Tech emerging within categories such as chips & processors, 5G, cloud infrastructure, and edge infrastructure, will prove vital to creating a seamless, lag-free experience in the metaverse.

  • Chips & processors
  • 5G & low latency networks
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Edge infrastructure

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Access/interface (hardware)

This layer includes hardware devices that allow people to experience the metaverse. While this category encompasses connected devices like mobile phones, PCs, and gaming consoles, it is predominantly centered around emerging technologies designed to enhance immersion in a virtual setting.

  • Haptics
  • Headsets (VR)
  • Holographics
  • Smart glasses (AR)

Virtualization tools

  • 3D design engines
  • 3D modeling & capture
  • AR developer kits
  • Avatar development
  • Volumetric video

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Virtual worlds

  • Centralized worlds
  • Decentralized worlds

Economic infrastructure

  • Payments
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Crypto wallets
  • NFT marketplaces

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  • AR/VR games
  • Decentralized games
  • Virtual concerts
  • Virtual fashion
  • Virtual real estate

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