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CEEK presents H&M’s metaverse concept store

Textilegence | Yağmur Melis Şimşek | Dec 31, 2021

HM metaverse concept - CEEK presents H&M's metaverse concept store

While the new area of ​​digital life is rapidly expanding into the metaverse, the clothing and fashion industry has already begun to take its place here. Major brands such as Adidas, Nike and Zara have started to open their stores in the metaverse and the first signals were given that H&M, the strong brand of fashion retail, could come to CEEK City. CEEK VR shared the following from its official twitter account; “Shopping in the metaverse with $CEEK Concept VR store presented to H&M by CEEK creates mainstream use cases for $CEEK + scaling Virtualreality beyond games”


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CEEK City is being developed to enhance immersive living and shopping experiences in virtual reality. In CEEK City, a three-dimensional digital world, customers will be able to walk through the store, choose the product they want from there, just like in the physical world. While the payment for these clothes, which can only be worn in the digital environment, is made through CEEK, customers will also have the opportunity to order these clothes from the physical stores of the participating companies with CEEK coin later.

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