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Center for Social Innovation Launches
CSI Crowdfunding platform

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By Craig Asano

The Center for Social Innovation LAUNCHES CSI CROWDFUNDING!

CSI crowdfunding 279x300 - Center for Social Innovation Launches <br>CSI Crowdfunding platform

The Centre for Social Innovation is a coworking space, community centre and incubator for people who are changing the world. We provide you with the spaces, relationships and knowledge you need to turn ideas into impact. We're thrilled to offer a new way for social and environmental enterprises to raise funds!

CSI is thrilled to launch CSI Crowdfunding in partnership with HiveWire. CSI members can now harness the power of crowds and leverage our network of networks to raise the funds they need to accelerate their work.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the aggregation of small amounts of money from a large group of people via the internet in order to fund a business or project. The combination of software and hardware that enables crowdfunding is typically called a crowdfunding platform. Our platform is a donation/rewards platform where crowdfunders give money to a project and may receive a non-monetary reward in return.

What makes this crowdfunding platform unique?

This platform is dedicated to projects and Innovators that have a positive social or environmental impact (i.e. social enterprises). By participating in our platform you don’t just create, or back, a crowdfunding campaign, you strengthen and amplify your own network, and help propel social innovation into the spotlight.



share save 171 16 - Center for Social Innovation Launches <br>CSI Crowdfunding platform

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