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Charlene Cieslik, Advisor, AML and Compliance

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Charlene Cieslik, Advisor, AML and Compliance

Charlene Cieslik is the Principle of Complifact AML Inc., and currently spends her time assisting those in the digital asset space, as well as the traditional fiat space, who are serious about compliance and who have a goal of setting the standard when it comes to risk management, risk mitigation, innovation, and safety and security of clients and assets. She is passionate about teaching, and enjoys speaking publicly on the subject of regulator challenges in all spaces.

She was most recently the Chief Anti Money Laundering Officer of Coinsquare, and Chief Compliance Officer of a Canadian trading platform and a US-based ATM-to-Crypto company, where she created the first AML compliance regime for a registered digital asset company to be approved by a Big-5 Canadian Bank for a transparent account relationship.

During her 20 year career, Charlene has held roles as the Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Chief Anti-Bribery Officer, and Chief Privacy Officer at several Canadian and Foreign scheduled banks, where she was responsible for the development, remediation, and execution of AML/ATF, anti-bribery, regulatory (RCM), and privacy compliance programs. Charlene has worked with several “Big 4” accounting firms and a Canadian fintech company, where she has assisted global financial institutions with AML/ATF program development, particularly with post-regulatory exam remediation and AML/ATF investigations.

She currently teaches courses on AML/ATF Compliance and cryptocurrency, including the Osgoode Certificate in Blockchains, Smart Contracts and the Law, and is a frequent speaker on the subject. In 2019, she participated in the United Nations FATF private sector consultation meetings on digital currency in Vienna, Austria, and works closely with the Federal government in Canada advising on cryptocurrency regulation. She appeared as a speaker at Toronto's 19th annual Ideacity Conference and as a panelist at Untraceable's Blockchain Futurist Conference. Charlene also sits on the Advisory Board of Canada's National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association (NCFA). She holds a Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Toronto, is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), and was an original founder of the Toronto ACAMS Chapter.


"I'm grateful for the honour to join the NCFA's Advisory Group. When it comes to securing financing for your venture, there are many powerful and impactful methods beyond traditional financing, and I'm excited to have the privilege of working to make more options accessible to entrepreneurs and investors - balancing the need for regulation, risk management, and possibilities of innovation while acknowledging the opportunities that transcend borders. The NCFA has built a stellar community that brings together thinkers and entrepreneurs in innovative technologies, and I'm looking forward to playing a role in expanding and building that community with the NCFA."

-- Charlene Cieslik, Chief Anti-money Laundering Officer, Coinsquare



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