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ChatGPT vs. Assignment Writing Services: Complete Comparison

Guest Post | March 23, 2023

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After entering college, people's lives change dramatically. On the positive side, they meet new people, make friends, and experience new emotions. However, they are now adults who must live on campus, pay for college, and become financially independent from their families. In addition to this, they have to attend lectures, prepare homework, participate in college activities, etc. It's a lot of stress, pressure, and sleepless nights. To lighten their workload and speed up the process of doing homework, some students use artificial intelligence-based online tools such as GPT Chat. Others hire assignment writing services, pay the required amount, and receive their papers on time. Both options can help with homework, but which option is better? Let's discuss this further.

Are Assignment Writing Services Legal?

There are currently no specific laws in the United States that prevent students from hiring assignment writing services or using AI tools for academic purposes. Thus, students can count on the help of assignment writers, especially when they provide a detailed plagiarism report to prove the originality of the work. The problem is finding a reliable service that has a team of experts who write an authentic copy from scratch. To do this, students should check out online resources and user reviews like do my essay review to find a high-quality service.

With AI writing tools, the case is more entangled. Many universities have set guidelines for the use of such tools. Violation of these rules may lead to academic fines or disciplinary action. There have even been reports of students getting kicked out of the university for using ChatGPT.

Do Students Receive Authentic Content?

Some colleges require students to submit a plagiarism report along with their assignments. It proves that students submit original work and do not cheat by copying their homework from other students or external sources.

One of the advantages of hiring an assignment writing service is that, along with a well-structured and outstanding text, you will also receive a plagiarism report. This proves that the text is original, and there is no risk of being flagged as plagiarism.

As for modern AI writing tools, they can also generate authentic content. However, no matter how advanced they are, they cannot be completely like a human writer. And recently, Edward Tian, a senior at Princeton University, created an application called GPTZero. It checks if the text was written by a human or created by a artificial intelligence. Your teachers can use this tool to check your assignments. So it's better to be on the safe side and hire assignment writing services rather than using AI tools.

ChatGPT vs. Assignment Writing Services: Which One Is Expensive?

Not all students are from wealthy families. After entering college, many students stop receiving financial assistance from their families. Some of them find high-paying jobs, while others do not have the opportunity to work during their studies. As a result, students often have limited budgets.

Therefore, they may be tempted to use ChatGPT to do their homework as it is a free service provided by OpenAI. Of course, you can use it to write your homework, but the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Assignment writing help services, on the other hand, are paid. The cost varies depending on the length of the assignment, urgency, and other factors. Prices can range from one dollar to several hundred dollars. Thus, longer assignments with shorter deadlines and complex topics will cost more than shorter, simpler assignments with longer deadlines.

However, since there is a risk of being expelled for using AI tools for writing homework, it’s recommended to pay some money and get original content.

WHat are the Disadvantages of Using ChatGPT?

Although GPT Chat is pretty popular, it has some disadvantages:

  • Length limit: The longest text the tool can generate is 4096 characters, which is approximately 500 words. This means that the service cannot help with tasks that exceed this limit. If you need help with longer assignments, it would be better to hire a professional assignment writing service. They can write assignments of any size.
  • Bad quality: Though most users report that the AI writing tool can produce exceptional content suitable for academic writing, many people had a negative experience. It’s a proof that not all the texts generated by the tool meet the quality metrics of academic institutions.
  • Network errors and technical issues: Network errors and technical issues: These issues are unpredictable and can occur at the most inconvenient times when you are writing your assignments and the deadline is so close. However, with an assignment help service, you will never have to deal with such technical issues.

Final Thoughts

Your new student life will be full of challenges, stress, and sleepless nights. You have to write tons of assignments and work multiple jobs to pay your tuition, which will make you feel like a walking zombie.

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This is the price you pay for gaining knowledge and earning a degree. Thus, it is natural to think of AI writing tools that can reduce your learning time. Sounds tempting, but is dangerous. There have already been cases of students being kicked out of universities for submitting papers written entirely with AI tools. Hiring assignment writing services is a better and safer choice. You will get 100% authentic text and save time.

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