Christopher Charlesworth, CEO and Co-founder of HiveWire, Joins National Crowdfunding Association of Canada’s Advisory Board


NCFA Canada | Craig Asano | March 24, 2017

Christopher Charlesworth, Advisor, Crowdfunding

TORONTO, MAR 24, 2017 – The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA) today announced that Christopher Charlesworth, CEO and Co-founder of HiveWire, a full-service crowdfunding agency focused on platform development, data analytics and consulting, has joined the Association’s Advisory Board as Advisor, Crowdfunding.

Christopher Charlesworth holds an MBA from the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, The University of Toronto, and an Honours Bachelor of Political Science from The University of Western Ontario. Christopher has worked as a management consultant in Indonesia, Canada, and the United States across several practice areas, including financial services, marketing, and social media. As Co-founder and CEO Christopher works to create value for clients by applying HiveWire’s crowdfunding tools and techniques to their strategic objectives.

“Chris is constantly creating value with every measured action.  Through his work at HiveWire, he has amassed significant experience in all aspects of crowdfunding from portal operator to infrastructure provider to campaign planning and execution.  He brings a data-driven approach to garnishing insights and implementing learnings that will benefit virtually any client project.” Craig Asano, Executive Director, NCFA Canada

“Crowdfunding presents a tremendous opportunity for Canadians to come together and fund all manner of worthy economic initiatives. It is incumbent on our government and market regulators to find ways to create a level national playing field that enhances the competitiveness of the Canadian crowdfunding industry. Unfettered investment at the individual level, regardless of physical geography, is both our present and our future. Our market regulators would do well to legitimize this behaviour and harmonize rules across geographic regions and within Canada at the very least.  Christopher Charlesworth, CEO and Co-founder, HiveWire

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