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Welcome to NCFA Canada


Canada's Professional Crowdfunding Trade Association

Fintech and funding markets are vibrant and so is our membership of portals, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, professional service providers such as lawyers, accountants, due diligence companies and start-ups, SMEs and social enterprise groups raising seed and growth capital interested in crowdfunding markets in Canada and beyond.  Thank you for joining and helping us grow Canada's national crowdfunding community!

Supporting a Vibrant and Strong Fintech Sector

NCFA Canada has been founded, built and is supported as a grassroots organization.  We're inclusive, community-based and membership-driven.  Industry initiatives, events, programming, education, advocacy and infrastructure facilitation is largely organized and led by a volunteer network of advisors, ambassadors and board members.  The organization receives critical funding from key industry sponsors/partners and much in-kind support and collaboration from the social enterprise and venture capital eco-system across the country including all levels of government, innovation centres, incubators/accelerators and academic institutions.

In effort to grow the community as widely as possible, membership at NCFA is operating currently on a freemium model, however we need your support to help to continue to build opportunities and more value for members while we collectively, in aggregate, develop the Canadian crowdfunding industry and supporting ecosystem.  Our focus is on crowdfunding infrastructure, education and research, improving transactions, market integrity (risk reduction) and diversification.

The National Crowdfunding Association is currently setting up it's membership database.


Please indicate your early support by emailing us at

Membership Benefits

Please select the most applicable membership type below and click the [Join Now] button.  A wide range of benefits come with your annual NCFA Canada membership, such as:

  • Receive regular industry news and key development updates
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with a relevant national membership network
  • Crowdfunding research, education, resource sharing and support
  • Industry leadership, national advocacy and a united voice on public policy issues
  • Channel to voice opinion, contribute input to industry issues, submit questions
  • Member discounts on online education and in-person seminars, workshops and events
  • Member discounts on qualifying services and products
  • Access to members database and service provider marketplace (coming soon)
Media Promotion
(i.e. ‘Members in the News’)
NCFA Discounted Services
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Government Relations and AdvocacyYesYes
Member Only Pages (soon)YesYes
Membership DirectoryBasicCompany Description, Link and Logo
Annual Membership FeesFREE

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Your contribution makes a difference (and is highly appreciated)!



If you are interested in becoming an industry partner/sponsor, please see Sponsorship Opportunities.  For in-kind support contributions, please email to discuss at

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The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association (NCFA Canada) is a financial innovation ecosystem that provides education, market intelligence, industry stewardship, networking and funding opportunities and services to thousands of community members and works closely with industry, government, partners and affiliates to create a vibrant and innovative fintech and funding industry in Canada. Decentralized and distributed, NCFA is engaged with global stakeholders and helps incubate projects and investment in fintech, alternative finance, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer finance, payments, digital assets and tokens, blockchain and cryptocurrency, regtech, and insurtech sectors. Join Canada's Fintech & Funding Community today FREE! Or become a contributing member and get perks. For more information, please visit: www.ncfacanada.orgLearn more About Us or contact us at

share save 171 16 - Join Canada's Fintech and Funding Community

86 Responses to Join Canada’s Fintech and Funding Community

  1. NCFA says:

    Hi Majid, check out the Canadian Crowdfunding platforms on the directory who may be able to assist you../brgrds, CA

  2. Majid Sarmast says:

    Hi, I want to know how to make a crowdfunding request and start the procedure? Thanks

  3. Amandeep Dhaliwal says:


    My wife is starting an Indian Fast Food Restaurant. I am assisting her in getting it started. Can you please let us know if Crowd Funding will work for us in case we want to raise some money? Is it suitable for this kind of venture? How do we pay back to the investors?

    Thanks for your help,

  4. Pat says:

    I want to know how do I make a crowdfunding request and get some help. Thank you,

  5. Hi
    My daughter is participating in Miss Teen Canada and we are looking for pledges to help out with the expenses. how do I get started and which category?

  6. NCFACanada says:

    Hi Alan, please check your inbox as we sent you an intro resource that can help you get started../thanks, CA

  7. alan says:

    I want to know how to make a crowdfunding request. In other words… how do I get started with this thing?

  8. NCFACanada says:

    Hi Cindy, thanks for your question. YES, you can sign-up as an individual. You are still required to fill out the input fields the best you can (to satisfy the requirements of our database). In the near future, we’ll be adding tools that will allow members to interact with each so welcome to the community and thanks for your support! All the best, CA

  9. Cindy Cook says:

    can i join as an individual without having a company name, address, etc. to enter?

  10. JAMES WALEY says:

    Thanx for the info and I will be signing up soon! JW

  11. NCFACanada says:

    Thanks for reaching out JW. We are planning to host regular events so please sign up and stay plugged in. NCFA Canada’s 1 year anniversary is just around the corner on Oct 5, so we may in fact aim to host a special event around then!…/best, CA

  12. JAMES WALEY says:

    Just wondering if there might be an upcoming Toronto event as extensive
    as the one scheduled for September 27th in Welland as I’m not sure if I
    can fit that one in to my schedule … thanx, JW.

  13. NCFACanada says:

    Hi EC Risberg, thanks for your interest! Please join as a company and register yourself as the main contact. We suggest that in addition to reviewing the articles and educational content of the site to check out the Canadian Crowdfunding Directory ( for links to various industry portals and providers. We also host a forum on linkedin ( where you can start a discussion or ask questions. Welcome to our community!

    Best Regards, Craig

  14. EC Risberg says:

    We do actually have a logo and a link (we have a web site as well as FB pages) and we have a description…so should we join as a company, even though we are a charity and registered as such? Wow, already SOOOOO many questions! Eager to know as much as we can about this…

  15. EC Risberg says:

    Sorry, I would think the rescue would want to join although I guess we could join using one member (me?) as the member?

  16. EC Risberg says:

    So I volunteer with an animal rescue group…should our rescue group join this organization and if so under which column should we join…we are not a company, but we do have a BoD…everyone involved is unpaid, volunteering their time and their skills as needed…we work with ALL animals although the cast number are cats and dogs…we are in a low population area, with little access to major cities (4 hours in any direction minimum to a major city…am not clear on how this works, and wish to learn more if this can help us provide for such items as spay/neuter, vaccinations, feed and adoption drives to help the critters we support…await your response with interest!

  17. NCFA says:

    Hi Marion, for those having issues with the [join free] button, please kindly try again from another online network, such as your home or alternative location. Thanks again for your support!

  18. Marion says:

    I would like to join but button doesn’t work… Thanks for your help and good luck!

  19. Tyler Fee says:

    Looking forward to tapping into the benefits of this. It’s a great forum to penetrate avenues for additional business opportunities.

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