Corey Oleyar, Marketing and Business Development Intern

Corey Oleyar pic2 150x150 - Corey Oleyar, Marketing and Business Development InternCorey Oleyar is a current undergrad at Michigan State University in the US majoring in Economics. His studies focus on analyzing economic market data and developing economic policies. He has an entrepreneurial background having worked for his family’s business for many years, working in marketing and business development.

Corey is interested in crowdfunding because it will help him develop experience relating to investment trends of small businesses and it provides valuable interpersonal involvement working with the growing national membership of the NCFA and small innovative businesses across Canada. As the marketing and business development intern at NCFA, Corey will be working on a number of exciting initiatives such as the launch of NCFA’s book project How Crowdfunding is Transforming Canada: Stories From The Edge.

“Crowdfunding is a rapidly growing industry that provides new innovative businesses the opportunity to expand themselves and create cutting-edge technology to build a brighter future. I believe that crowdfunding gives the ‘small guys’ a chance to succeed and creates new opportunities for small business that look to change the world.”

A couple of quick facts about Corey:

1.  6 foot 7 feet tall

2.  Golf handicap = 8 or 9