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Credit Suisse: Statecraft and De-dollarization

AheadoftheHeard | Zoltan Pozsar | Dec 31, 2022

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War cuts new financial channels.

What are G7 policymakers, rates traders, and strategists to do when threats to the unipolar world order are coming from every angle. They should definitely not ignore the threats, but they still do. How could they not?

For two generations, we did not have to discount geopolitical risks. Since the end of WWII, the only Great Power conflict investors really had to deal with was the Cold War, and since the conclusion of the Cold War, the world enjoyed a unipolar “moment” – the U.S. was the undisputed hegemon, globalization was the economic order, and theU.S. dollarwas the currency of choice.

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But today, geopolitics has reared its ugly head again: for the first time since WWII, there is a formidable challenger to the existing world order, and for the first time in its young history, the U.S. is facing off against an economically equal or, by somemeasures, superior adversary.

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