Crowdfunding nearly doubled last year with 1M successful campaigns


VB  |  Stephanie Carmichael  |  April 8, 2013

Crowdfunding Industry 2012 (source Massolution)

Crowdfunding is getting so much bigger than Kickstarter. Last year alone, it generated 1 million successful campaigns and $2.7 billion across the globe.

Research firm Massolution gathered that data from 308 active crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) worldwide via the website for its 2013 Crowdfunding Industry Report.   Crowdfunding nearly doubled last year, with an 81 percent increase over 2011. North America and Europe, taking second, dominate the market, with a more than 95 percent stake.


Massolution found that crowdfunding volumes grew 105 percent to $1.6 billion in North America and 65 percent to $945 million in Europe. All other markets expanded close to 125 percent. Most of this growth came from donations (680,000 campaigns) and lending (about 250,000), the latter stemming mainly from crowdfunded microloans and community-driven loans to local small- and medium-sized entities (SMEs), along with the adoption of reward-based campaigns, like those on Kickstarter.

Funding probabilities by model

Social causes drive 30 percent of all activity, which Massolution expects to change as more startups and SMEs begin leveraging the platform. The graphic below shows the 10 most active categories by percentage.

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